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some of the finest mids i've bought! 325 a QP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by no comment, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. very little seeds, breaks up easily, small dense buds.

  2. Haha looks like the "dank" this kid sells around me. A QP of any kind of mids for that price is good, but those mids look pretty solid. Good snag man, mind passing me some of that? :D
  3. Nice pickup, how does it smoke? By those looks I'd take it for the price forsure.
  4. btw, this is south philly bud.

    edit: the smoke, i forgot, this shit is weird. it actually has that 'almost heady' taste. like, i cant explain it but it tastes a bar above mids! my guy (who is new to me) said it gets better everytime and the price wont change, so far its true. this is my third qp from him and its ten times better everytime.
  5. Nice bud, Very nice price. +rep
  6. very nice, any idea or implications on what strain it is?
  7. good shit dude. if i had this deal where i'm at i would jump on that shit
  8. nice pickup for the price
  9. through my connects this is supposedly a good price for a QP of greens
  10. tbh id have paid more probably, i have. not too many options in south jersey, i got lucky meeting this guy haha
  11. You lucky bastard.
  12. I remember the 2nd ounce i ever bought was some hi grade mids for $200. Only had like 3 seeds and burned/smoked like dank
  13. i'd pay that all day man nice pickup
  14. Might as well be high grde for 325 a QP.
  15. Mids.

    OP: Where are you from? Im in Chicago and I get, what looks like, the same mids for about 200/oz. If I remember I'll put up some pictures next time i get some nugg.

  16. im in south jersey, but its philly bud. not sure if its grown out of philly.

    id probably pay 200 an ounce for this, so getting the deal i did makes me feel real grateful haha. im gonna buy my guy lunch or something. five guys.
  17. o im sorry
    i didnt know mids were a strain
    i also never asked you so please, next time dont answer
  18. ur an ass
  19. DAMN dawg I need to look around PA for some deals like that! $325 a QP! :smoking::wave::hello::D
  20. Nice buds dude

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