Some of the craziest skill Ive seen in gaming.

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    Feel free to post your own videos
    VVV Watch first, absolutely inhuman. (explained run)


  2. Im sure everyone has seen this one but this is the most epic game play moment in my mind.

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    Anybody who knows fightan should know this one.

  4. if you really want awesome factor look up competitive and highlight reel ut2004 videos
    nothing in the world compares
    the skill cap on twitch gameplay and reflexes is fantastic along with the sheer amount of movement possible impossible in most other games including ut3 and 99
    it is sheer action
  5. I love watching speed runs, tons of fun. Just wish I could do it like that

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    Try watching the Starcraft 2 WCS (world championship series) tournaments. Those guys have such crazy decision making capacity and speed that it's like chess on steroids, because it's continuous. Most of these contestants keep up an average of about 220 apm (actions per minute) and can momentarily spike up to 300 a lot of times. That means that they are make as much as five decisions per second some times. Crazy.
  7. I get off on those old H2 Final Boss / XiT / etc gameplays but that battlefield clip posted above made my jaw drop !!

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    LOVE watching SPEEDRUNS. The title of this topic made me think of Dark Souls 2 gameplay videos by EpicNameBro on youtube. Pretty good stuff
    :eek: :eek: :eek:  DA FUK? That was EPIC man. I never seen that shit lol.
    Closest thing I've done was stealing someones tank while they were repairing it, lmao.
  11. laddergoats pretty crazy mind
  12.  Lol you always see these guys together, they nearly always have the same body type.
      Why do us lean tall guys prefer the action games?  Ahaha
  13. Okay?
  14.  No.  NOT FUCKING OKAY. 
  15. OK...that super Mario 64 run was insane.

    The Goldeneye one is impressive but since he stared at the ground the whole time if wasn't that fun to watch.

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