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Some of the Best Purple Kush MN

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by static shock, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. picked this up recently through a trade for some chronic i am smoking on but these buds are much better. heavy indica smoke very good spicy but light taste in a blunt just to vaping some but mainly i wanted to show grasscity that MN has fire too.
    through the vape it tastes floral but has earthy undertones. very tasty! :D
    smoke good ya'll
    non purple nug same strain i think..

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  2. this bud has got me elevated beyond belief bout to roll another :D
    thanks for stopping by
  3. that looks so delicious man, enjoy
  4. That purp kush was picked at just the right time judging by the trichs I love that strain not just because its purple and not just because rappers glorify it but because I had some outdoor pk and of all the outdoor strains that were goin around only one unknown sativa strain compared to it but yeah that pk will knock you out good indica
  5. Wow, those trichomes are intense, very stalky and look very sticky too! Good pickup!

  6. thanks i def will! might have to get a full zipper of these.

    i agree but the strain is living up to the hype with this bag! love the smoke of these. i always get sativa hybrids or just sativa's so the indicas i get occasionally be the shit.

    not very sticky just really frosty. got it from a bro who gets it from San Diego.
  7. bubba kush

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  8. Its strange too cuz its seems like all the other purples even gooey indoor indica purples have a pretty weak high purp kush and kushes in general have especially potent indica highs

  9. DAMN !! thats some FIRE man!! thanks for sharing!! :hello::hello::hello:


  10. Damn man, that easily could have came from an mmj state haha... looks so chronic. So does the bubba kush... everyone across the US is getting dank... some more expensive than others but if you got that through a trade then fuck yeah... did you trade your oz for his oz?

    Minnesota has cannabis decriminalized so i have always assumed there has been lots of dank all throughout the state... i gotta buddy from Moorehead that is moving back to go to college there... sorta lame if you ask me haha.

  11. yeah no doubt there are purple strains and then there are the PURPLE strains!!
    lol :p joking aside i am agreeing wit you just in my sarcastic manner.
    I Love just been so gone on the strong its like you are in your own permanent high zone. that's where i usually like to live.

    makes my day to see others appreciate good pictures of dank ganja like i do.
    you are more then welcome this blunt hit is for you.


  12. thanks man, i bet you see stuff like this on the regular and pay less (i check out your pickup thread) but i have found the danks are steadily around if you wanna go find em. :rolleyes:

    i havent been to moorhead or its college but i love this state, all the seasons are beautiful in some way.

    no we only traded eighths. sadly he was looking for a purchase more then a tradey but he cant complain when my buds just add a diff high to his collection. sour d is prob a better daytime smoke too depending on what you are looking for. lol

    its nice because in mn you need 42.5 g & more to be a felony amount. but obviously some mmj states have better laws if im not mistaken.

  13. 60g or over is a felony here haha... under is just a misdemeanor and you're still pretty screwed though lol. Glad im becoming legal soon ;)

    And yeah... im used to smoking cheap fire... $200-300/oz in my state depending on if i go through the source or a patient who buys from a caregiver. The price of bud in my city is so inflated compared to the Western side of the state... were paying 50/eighth while Missoula (hippy city haha) is paying 30-40/eighth max. used to be 35-45/eighth for me... that's sorta changed for now... glad im becoming legal soon... 200/oz, 25/eighth ftw.

  14. very nice wish i had that connect. i should just start growing. :D
  15. I would try if i had the place, time, resources, etc... haha Gotta go to work now actually haha. :(

  16. right but someday it can happen. gotta save up the money to invest it in the future. ;)
  17. Wow, Amazing. That is some seriousely good bud
  18. some different purp unknown genetics but smokes super medical. heavy indica makes me tired as shit.
    smoking blunts in the morning gonna get more pk.. already out :rolleyes:
    thanks for the comments though blades

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  19. Fire chron mane

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