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  1. some years ago i was at a boring job, and i grabbed some packing foam out of the trash, and cut 3d letters for my name, then hot glued them to my cube edge. within a week all the people next to me had their names up too, and more kept asking. then i started making really poor things, actually some were good, and over the years i have improved greatly.

    my last work gig they had a lot of pink foam and not too much of the grey i prefer, so most of the pix im posting are from said pink stuff. all except suzilla were made in jan 2010 and given to coworkers i liked. those who i did not... heh

    i also have done a little stained glass, can/have cut some wicked stencils (ex gfs are my faves so far), and i make some stuff out of wood too.

    o and i do custom paint on my rc planes using cardboard dodges.

    i just started posting here and wow this seems like a really friendly and cool forum.


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  2. those are cool :hello:

    ever thought of doing a really big thing with like lots of different colors?
  3. Am I just really baked, or are these things fucking awesome!
  4. Wow, these are amazing. You have some serious talent, keep doing what you do! :D Ever try doing a human face? Even a 3D abstract, Picaso style, would be awesome.
  5. do something really big and colorful? lol, well i would like to,but this medium lends itself to things not taller than say 15 inches, as the foam sheets are bout that wide. colorful? well i have tried painting some of the foam, but it does not work out well, cause der its foam, and it just soaks up the paint like a sponge.

    thanks for the compliments, i appreciate it. i have traded some of my stuff food, bagz o green, and free web hosting for my site. gave a flying pig trio to a local bbq place, now they want me to do some stencils and stuff, i told the lady i would trade for bbq tri tip sandwiches. they kick ass.

    here are the 2 wood carvings i have done the lever one with a battery operated dremel, slooow. then i started the dragon with said dremel, and realized it was too puss. so i got el black and decker uber plug in dremel thing, and the sawdust flew.

    oh yea, forgot to mention, i am about brave enough now to try a human form, think ill try with one my ex gf stencils, i have one of k bending over in a bikini that is just cool. dat might work.

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  6. not just a big piece but like making a scene or something out of a whole bunch of things... i don't know how to explain it.


    like say you were gonna take one of the elephants out of that picture and make it. you could make the elephant out of one piece then make the shit thats on their back out of a different piece? and use different colours of foam?
  7. I applaud your creativity

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