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  1. pjayG on deviantART


    Just some stuff. I'm real big into hip hop and sneakers, so I usually base some of my designs off said things. Though I'm a HUGE college basketball fan, and do design some wallpapers/signatures using my beloved Kentucky Wildcats!

    So if anyone's down to collab on a sig or piece let me know, or if you wanna chat about gfx in general pm me or aim me at monsta582.
  2. Those are cool as hell bro
  3. ha, thanks man. I enjoy designing while high, but sadly none of these have been made while high.
  4. Cool stuff man.

    I love the Classix pic with MF Doom.
  5. hell yeah man, I've met Doom twice and he's one of the chillest dudes you'd ever meet.

    Hell yeah with the J Dilla avatar, man, dude was a legend. RIP JD

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