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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by LiquidSD, May 2, 2007.

  1. Well something I really love is ceramics... so here tell me what you think. Btw The first two are trees if you cant tell... which due to my skill you might not and the last one is a snow owl. Thanks.


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  2. It's alright, keep workin at it man.
  3. interesting, they look really earthy and organic, like something from africa or something.
  4. I used to do ceramics, i never made trees or anything, but i made some CRAZY cups, bowls, plates etc......even a pipe once, but my teacher wouldn't put it in the kiln lol.

    Keep working at it, they look good.

  5. Thanks for the comment ya Iv only been at it a year or so but its nice Iv yet to try making a pipe prolly cause I can just buy one but Im gonna try making a bong soon. Thanks :wave:

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