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  1. Here's a homemade vaporizer it seems to work pretty good if only used it once because I just recently startedsmoking again but me an my wife got pretty stoned off a lLil pinch 100_2030.JPG 100_2032.JPG
    Here's one I carved out of wood then slightly burned the outside with a torch 100_2033.JPG 100_2034.JPG 100_2035.JPG
    Here one made out of a tire inflator and two connectors for a air hose 100_2036.JPG 100_2037.JPG 100_2038.JPG
    An here's one made from a might tip an a grease plug 100_2039.JPG 100_2040.JPG
    Here one I made years ago out of what we call wormy wood 100_2046.JPG 100_2042.JPG 100_2044.JPG
    Here's just a Lil one one I made out of wood 100_2047.JPG
    I welded these two together an ground it backonewn then drilled it out 100_2051.JPG 100_2052.JPG 100_2053.JPG
    This one is made out of a few things I found laying around at work an a grease plug for the cap 100_2066.JPG 100_2067.JPG 100_2068.JPG
    Ain't never smoked out of this one but its a made out of a pencil as u can see 100_2069.JPG 100_2070.JPG 100_2071.JPG
    An these last two are still a work in progress 100_2055.JPG 100_2056.JPG 100_2057.JPG 100_2059.JPG 100_2062.JPG 100_2064.JPG
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  3. Those are crazy good how did you make the wooden pipe
  4. Interesting! Thanks for posting :)
  5. The darker one is made out of one solid piece an just shaped with a pocket knife an then I just took a torch across the hole thing real fast to give it that dark look. An the Lil one is just made out of a branch with a hole drilled in it an the bowl is cut down to fit in itSent from my M470BSA using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. cool stuff dude, really like that first carved one and the welded one.  Keep at it brotha.
  7. Thank youSent from my M470BSA using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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