Some Of My Handmade Pipes

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  2. These are amazing. These are the types of pipes that I am trying to get into making.

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  3. Amazing work mate.
  4. Dude...
    These are amazing.
    Especially the sliding one.

    What do you use to finish them with?

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  5. Talent right there
  6. im in love with the bottom right <3
  7. i love those sliding ones. beautiful work..
  8. Excellent work! Post more pictures.
  9. Nice job on those I'm currently trying to make my own wooden pieces.
    Everything goes well until I get to the bowl. I drill a little and idk it's confusing. If you could give me some tips OP it would be very much appreciated.
    Also In not good on money I do have a job but it's on and off so I'm currently using old hand drills and old saws for everything. Anyone else who knows about wooden pieces I would love advice from you all too,
  10. The last one is my favorite! As others said great work how long does it take you to make one of these on average?
  11. Thanks for liking the pipes, it sorta depends on the design but most pipes take between 45 minutes to an hour for the simpler skinny type pipes because I always make the same style blank before shaping the pipe, the larger pipes usually take an hour to 2 hours, for the small simple designs tho I can make them in 20 -30 minutes if I don't goof off much.
  12. Hot damn, bud. You are one very talented craftsman!
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    Those are really nice looking pipes. Wouldn't the wood burn? Did you treat the wood the same way a tobacco pipe is treated?
    I also noticed that one of your pipes has a carb. That does not burn your finger?
      The reason I say all this is because the way I smoke, I do not "puff" it. I scorch the damn thing for 15 seconds with a mini torch lighter lol.
    I suspect your pipes would be fine if you puff it like a tobacco pipe.
  14. Thanks, the wood won't burn as long as you don't go completely fire crazy while breaking it in, I would refrain from using a torch lighter on a wooden pipe because then it would be too easy to burn (I have very carefully before), but as long as you are using a regular soft flame lighter (my personal preference) and try to not burn the wood by trying to corner the bowl or whatnot its perfectly fine, from personal experience it takes about a week or 2 to break in the bowl to protect the walls of the bowl better which allows for really heating it up, but I have never had any problem with any of my wooden pipes regarding burning or even taste when smoking from a never before used pipe.
    No I really don't treat the wood in any way like how you treat a tobacco pipe, I don't do a thing to the inside of the bowl or stem, I do however treat the outside of the wood in boiled linseed oil which beautifies the pipe by bringing out the grain of the wood and giving it a low gloss finish along with strengthening and protecting the wood to a degree, then on some I lacquer them which just gives them a high gloss finish.
    In regards to the carb on all of the large bore pipes, no it won't burn your finger. The first picture on my first post on this thread is my daily use pipe and is my best broken in pipe, I have hit it as hard as I could and gotten it hot as hell, (side of the wood almost too hot to touch but no burning of the wood on the inside wall of the bowl) and the carb has never even been warm. The carb on some of the others is closer to the bowl but they have never been hot either.
    These pipes are mostly for puffing and not going super hard on, but when broken in they can handle a power sesh here and there as long as the person using them uses common sense and tries to avoid hitting the wood with direct fire.
    These are the most efficient pipes I have used because if you get your technique down right you can smoke without any waste smoke, open the lid, hit it, and while still drawing on it shut the lid, 100% hit 0% waste.
    If you ever have any more questions feel free to ask.
  15. Hopefully sometime soon the weather will improve and not be so cold so I can make more pipes, really missing making pipes.

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