Some of my free glass just came.. [PICS INSIDE]

Discussion in 'General' started by Tonyizzle, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Some of my free glass, from the Grasscity Graphics Competition, just came in the mail. I didn't get all of my stuff, but I got some pics of what I did get. They are kinda crappy because the pics are from my phone.






    I'll update the thread when the rest comes :smoking:
  2. Make your pic lil bigger!!!!!!!!!!!
    and its too dark. :(
  3. Man are you lucky!
    But you deserved it :p
  4. Yeah it's pretty shitty pictures.. but its off my cell phone, only camera I got access to for now :eek:
  5. =D cant wait for mine...

    Hope ur other stuff comes safely :]
  6. from what i see it looks tight
    but u do need better pics
    to complement the beauty
  7. I thought Pinkfolyd guy won that?

    Edit: Oh theres various prizes, right?
    Congrats anyways my man, I have to say I'm quite jealous
  8. Wow all that stuff?
    Thats cool.
  9. Tony, you do some of the best work I have ever seen.
    You deserve it.
    Enjoy it! Wish i could with ya ;)
  10. [​IMG]

    Here's a pic you can see that stuff a little better in. Thanks PF08
  11. damn

    i'd sell some of them and get some extra bread
  12. I wasn't terribly anxious to get my stuff (due to me worrying about other problems)
    But you got me anxious Izzy. I didn't know the molino glass bong came with a down stem.
    so i guess im going to have 2 more than expected.

    And whats that square thing above the two metal pipes?
  13. I bet the guy who came in 4th (1-3rd got prizes right?) is flipping you the bird on the other side of the internet right now. I know I'd be mad jealous haha.

  14. 4-10th get a free mad scientist bong valued at ~$100
    Though I think they are waiting longer because of stock issues.
  15. i wish i got free drug paraphernalia. :(

    looks nice.
  16. No word yet on the rest of the glass.

    I got the chance to smoke out of the 2 glass spoons, they smoke real nice.

    Couldn't smoke out of the bongs yet because I can't light up at my house and I didn't wanna walk around with a big ass bong haha. :smoke:

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