Some of my entries for the GC Graphic Design Contest...

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    = Contest =

    I figure I might as well show this stuff over here at the Artist's corner and get some comments/crits just like joe Biggs did.

    If you like what you see here you can go check my DeviantArt account if you like

    Just a little thing, nothing special.


    Wallpaper Version
    (I do have bigger resolutions so if you're interested hit me up)

    Just a smaller version

    Here's and older version of the above wallpaper
    (I don't like it compared to the new)

    And something different
  2. This is wonderful!
    I have it as my wallpaper now~!
  3. Yeah I saw those.. Mad props,, nice work.. I entered to but it's been forever since i've used my digital imaging software. Forgot how most of it works. Here's my first attempt.. I'm working on some more.
  4. Here's my latest 2 tries.. I've got the graphical art down but I'm still having trouble with my text effects.. I'll figure it out before it's over..You come up with anything else yet??
  5. The bottom one is way cool. good job man:smoke:
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    Thanks Blades..


    yeah, text isnt my strong point either. :|
    I don't know for certain If im going to make anything else.
    If I do it will just be a sig/banner..
  7. Cool,, well good luck. I pretty much just entered for something to do.. Gave me a reason to break out the old software..Text wise, I can't figure out how i used to get the glow effect.. I know it's got something to do with multi layering my text with blur but damned if I can remember the specifics..
  8. good luck to you too =D
  9. iPhone size? Blackberry size?
  10. when the contest is over ill make a size-pack for wallpapers and stuff.
    and if you want you can PM me requesting other stuff
  11. Some talanted mofo's here.
    I need to get in on this.
  12. I figure i'll bump this since the top 20 are supposed to be announced today, getting a little bit more exposure will better my odds :]
  13. Voting time is here!
    And I made the top 20

    Show your support for me by clicking on
    "vote number 8" in my signature, and voting!

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