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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by HypnoToad, May 4, 2004.

  1. This looks more pixely than it normal does because I had tone down the image quality signifcantly to make the file size small enough to be able to be posted.
  2. For some reason its not posting the image.

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  3. Ok problem solved. This is the white version I included it since it shows off the pixie's details better.

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  4. Wow, what did you use to make that? Hand-drawn, or computer?

    It looks awesome.
  5. An artist I know drew it and I inked it digitally to give it a nice dark outline and then I used photoshop to color it and give it effects...each color requires it's own layer and each layer requires diff filters and effects.Although some of my other work is alot more 3-D than this piece.

    I can't draw...Not can't as in I dont have talent, but can't as in I have physical damage to my hands.Both bone and nerve damage so my hands shake too much for me to be able to draw.
  6. You're very good at coloring. I can never seem to get the hang of it, myself.

    But I would like to see some work of yours that's totally yours. I bet you're very good.
  7. not a bad color job. did you use dodge and burn to create the light and shadows? It looks like it, excuse me if you didn't, and because of it, the piece looks flatter than it should. desaturated complimentary colors are the best for making single white lightsourced shadows.

    and i know you weren't asking for sympathy for your condition but that totally sucks. I can't imagine life without the capability to create what I see in my head (and positively know I could make it) Do you do any sculpting?
  8. lol I dont have any artwork that's totally mine.I've always just CG'ed other's work in various styles because I love to CG color.

    I've never tried to do anything else.

  9. Yeah, bundled with ImageReady 7.0.

    I've been having creative block lately, and I haven't made anything in months.
  10. I take that back I do an artform that I create on my own but its only photography and I cant find my CD with all my pics on it right now.But I have the really nice kind of digital camera with built in filters that I can select like black and white,sepia,negative,solarized,etc.

    Here is another piece I CG'ed.

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