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Some of Minnesota's Finest Herb

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MrWiggles91, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. This is the best bud I've gotten in Minneapolis, hands down. And, better yet, from one of the most legit people in this town :smoke:

  2. Nice how much that cost u?
  3. $100 for a fat quarter :smoke:
  4. looks good when i was down in minneapolis and st paul i picked up some ak47 this last summer some good bud
  5. Right on. I believe this is called "extrema"
  6. #6 Bong Wizard, Feb 12, 2011
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2017
    ahhh.....yes....nice to see other blades getting their hands on and filling their pipes with this outstanding new herb! Extrema has turned out to be one of my favorite strains; however, most people have never heard of it before since it's not been widely available....if you follow the link and read the reviews at Sannie's shop, you will notice it's a new favorite among many growers and users. Wonderful medicinal qualities and loaded heavily with trichomes! Got a buddy who grew some and he said this strain really stood out against the other Indicas and sativas he has grown in the past... Evidently the smell alone it produces during veg and flower is almost intoxicating.

    It's a new hybrid created exclusively by Sannie's shop from his (ChemD X Herijuana) which also are two very dynamite strains....

    If you guys/gals get a chance....definitely try some....I can almost guarantee you'll be back for more...haha....:smoke:


  7. God I love this state.. it seems every time I look on here I see more and more dank Coming from mn. Killer looking bud bro
  8. #8 MrWiggles91, Mar 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 9, 2011
    Extrema batch two. A bit more damp and sticky. SO sticky in fact that I can seal the bag like cellophane lol. Possible curing needed but still smokes well. This stuff is really great, you guys need to check it out if you ever get a chance. Here's the same stuff under a few different lights:




  9. i got some nice bud here today strawberry cough i have a thred with a pic
  10. Dank shit up in here!
  11. nice reppin MN also . wish i had a camera i too am from minneapolis. GREAT buds og kush, purp, purp diesel , trainwreck, lemon haze , banana haze, sour apple thats the last strains i picked up if only i had a camera... toooo cheap lol
  12. The extreme sounds like best cross ever, will have to pick up some seeds of it.
  13. mm i always appreciate good ass bud, def grown and cured VERY nicely
  14. Damn that looks tasty, i really want to get my hands on some Extrema... i keep hearing about it and i want it so badly
  15. The guy I got it from suggested I cure it a bit more actually. It's a little too "moist" so to speak. I'll cure it for another week or two and then it should be perfect.

    Other than that, yes, great bud. Thank you :smoke:

    Do it up. You're in Colorado, grow it :D
  16. Reppin the minnesota buds! Haha people are always saying we got shitty weed. I say they don't know where to get it ;)

    Either way, shit looks extremely dank! I definitely wish I had a hookup on some of that, looks soooooo tasty!
  17. i get dank all the time here in mn
  18. MN is where its at! got some OG kush tonight :) wish i had a camera
  19. def. nice looking buds - it looks like some chemdawg on crack which makes sense given bong wiz's explanation of extrema being chemdawg x herojuana...quite the buds - I'm going to be keeping an eye out for this strain :)
  20. Minnesota is awesome for buds. If you want bad, go to northern Wisconsin. Specifically, Rhinelander. Thats where I grew up and smoked garbage:rolleyes:.

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