some of leaves turning white?

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  1. i am a beginner and i am growing some plants outdoors. i was wondering what the problem may be with a few of my plants. the leaves of some of them are turning a white color and curling. please help me out. the plants are 20 days old. I began the plants with a miracle grow soil with pearlite that contained some fertilizer in it: 18-10-10. I have slowly added a little soil on top of this from the mulch pile in town, the mulch is extremely organic and rich soil. I will try and post a picture later today when my camera is charged. Any help on diagnosing my problem would be appreciated. Criticism, suggestions, all are welcome. Thank You.
  2. I had the same problem last year but my plants were a few months old... Is it geting white from the bottom up? Then turning brown and curls up? If so its over watering/ root rot, All you need to do is add a few capful of hydrogen peroxid 3%, it should stop the leaves from dying. ( check the pic out)

  3. I took a few pics today so i can actually show everyone the symptoms, it may be rot root like mary-jane said. check these pics out and get back to me.

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  4. i need more information but i need to know your wattage of light your using and how close they are

    you may also have a phospohprus deficiency

    see the purple spotting on the top of the inner leaves?

    thats very rare for seedlings
    how cold does your room?
    the white looks like it could be some bleeching or salt build up from either sodium, kind of soil or ferts

    are you using anything that is reflective?
    how often are you watering and what kind of soil mixture are they in?
    and have you fed them anything yet?
  5. my plants are outdoors
    the soil is a miracle grow potting soil with fertilizer in it already
    i am using no reflection devices and no indoor lighting, strictly outdoors

    ok how much direct sun light are these plants getting? how much light? and how high are the temps outside?

    and when you bring them indoors do you give them any light?

    as for the potting mixture, is this the seed starting mixture or the enriched potting soil? or other kinds Mg has......
  6. they get direct sunlight the second the sun comes up until it goes down. the sun is up for about 12-13 hours now where i am. the tempatures have been averaging in the 80s the last week. ir is enriched potting soil with fertilizer in it already to feed it for 3 months according to the bag with some sort of moisture control so the soil stays moist longer

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