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Some NYC Hospitals Not Taking New Health Plans

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AugustWest, Nov 23, 2013.

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    Looks like Obamacare should be great for americans....
    as long as they don't want top flight cancer treatment.
    "we want americans to have the best and most affordable healthcare available" (just don't do it at Sloan-Kettering)
    i'm not against healthcare for all..
    but can we at least do it in a professional and thought out way instead of rushing through some bill created to make the big insurance companies even richer? and maybe have the people who vote on it actually read and comprehend it?
    is that too much to ask?

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    I think this is the same thing, havent watched it in awhile though, but its related!
  3. as long as no one gets cancer we should be all set..
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    While I understand all the fuss. Some hospitals not taking this or that insurance plan is nothing new. Was talking to this girl last year who has medicaid and out of the 3 closest hospitals she couldn't go to any of them, she had to go to the 4th hospital I would have never even thought of...and definitely wouldn't have thought of going to if I was standing in front of the place holding a bag of ice with 5 of my severed fingers inside it lol
  5. I don't know if my current (non-Obamacare) private insurance pays for Sloan Kettering, but I don't mind paying 50% less for Obamacare, even if it means less choices - which may be only temporary as it said in the OP article, the hospitals are proceeding with caution during the initial phases of Obamacare.   
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    I dont need to get involved in another Obamacare thread, there are already too many.  Deleted
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    but i thought we're automatically getting better care? You've been saying this for months now.
    now you're satisfied with cheaper rates and sub par coverage?
    This is the exact opposite of what Obamacare is supposed to be.. so rich people can go to Sloan Kettering and people who use the exchanges have to settle for less?
    what exactly has changed??
    if you have any decent policy from a major carrier than Sloan Kettering will accommodate you. My $208/month Aetna policy is accepted at Sloan Kettering btw. (hopefully i'll never have to put it to the test)
    agan.. i'm not against getting everyone the healthcare that they need.. even if the "rich peple" need to kick in more.
    but the way this went down with the major insurance giants making the rules and the lawmakers pushing for and against it without having even read it, is absolutely unacceptable.
  8. One example of why it is likely to be better with Obamacare is there will no longer be one or two million dollar caps on treatment,to me this is worth the trade offs for exchange plans.   The turning down of people with preexisting conditions, by the insurance companies, is also no longer an issue.  
    Obamacare as it is right now is not a panacea, and if I ever hat impression then that's my mistake - but I think that it will have considerably more positives than negatives in the long run, if it's tested and tweaked.  
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    why tweak and not just take your time and put out a product that works? Read the bill.. then tweak it, then vote on it.
    this isn't windows.. it's health care.
  10. You know with so much opposition to this law you think they might rethink it..

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    The various lobbyists and corporations aren't going to agree on everything, and some of it already got ditched several years ago.   
    Just to play Devil's Advocate for a moment, if they had not rushed it the windows of opportunity to pass it wouldn't have remained open very long.  
  12. Premiums could go up an average of 500%, and garrison would defend it to the death.
    why do lobbyists and corporations need to be involved in our healthcare? do they really care about our health?
    We need them to save us from the other lobbyists and corporations! Duhh!!!
  15. No they do not, their goal is to make money, which they do a very good job of , but unfortunately the United States currently has the worst health care in the industrialized world, and it's been this way for some time.   
  16. That's a radical concept in the US but plain common sense in many other countries.

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