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Some Nugget Trivia

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by qwerty man, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Below is a picture of 3 nugs. Are these nugs all the same kind of bud? Are two the same, one different? Or are they all different kinds? Test your skills

  2. *sigh* I thought this thread would be trivia about the Nuggets who dont have any arms or legs.

    For example:

    Did you know if you punch a nugget to the ground it will just bounce off the floor and bounce back up in a sort of punchbag-esk manner.
  3. There is absolutely no way for me to make an assumption based on that picture unless you were to send them to me via fed ex and allow me to sample them for future observations.

  4. 2 on left are same the one in the right is different
  5. nope.
  6. The nug on the right is different.
  7. shitty picture, shitty thread
  8. BAAAAD picture.
  9. taste test?
  10. All three are different.

    Its hard to tell with the one on the right..

    but the left and middle one is not the same.
  11. Left and middle nug are the same.... right nug is diff.

  12. Send them to me via UPS and I will let you know what I think, I'll send it back I promise. :devious:

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