some not so n00b questions

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  1. hello people.

    i am moving tomorrow.
    and that means its grow time.

    I have only a few more questions then i will shut up and start growing.

    1. If i go to the home depot gardening area and ask somone who works there for an organic non nutrient ph balanced soil does anyone know if they will be able to provide?

    2.I plan on buying 2 of the cheapest 4 foot shop lights and a 4 pack of cool white compact fluros, sufficient for veg into a 250 watt hps?

    3.This is my last and most interesting question. would it be possible to buy an inexspensive vacume cleaner and hijack it for the electric motor/fan for an ventilation solution? I relize loud noise and heat from itself would be an issue. but if noise wasnt an issue what about a timer running the vacume for 5 minute intervels every 10 minutes or so, i have a feeling i could design a cool tube with only one vent leading from it sucking hott air out and away.

    i plan on my intake coming from a screened in window and letting it out in the room, does this heat the room up? the only reason i ask is because i hate sleeping in a hott room.

    Last but not least, ive managed to gank (with permision im going for positive karma) from the resturant i work at many plastic containers holding just over a gallon and a few 5 gallon buckets, for my first harvest i think im going too go SOG fashion planting a bunch of freebies and known hermie seeds, harvesting hopefully 5-6 females under my 250 watt hps, im just going to wait untill they show alternating nodes and start the flower. they will live in the gallon+ buckets for there entire life. i plan on mixing the best soil i find with 60(soil/40(perlite) and ferting with superthrive throughout and

    anything close in ratio too

    Veg 5-2-3
    Flower 5-5-3

    is this wrong? please correct me with the right ratio's if so. i dont care what brand it is. if its close enough i will feed at 1/4 strength untill i get a feel for feeding/watering

    once again im sorry for the long post. i finnaly have some pictures and my gallery and i would like comments if you feel like it. more too come as well.

  2. I seriously doubt you will "shut up" after you start growing, and you shouldn't -- that is when the really interesting questions arise. Come back with 'em all.

    1. Just ask in the store where the potting soil is. From there you can determine what you need by the label. My experience in places like Home Depot is that they are not always very knowledgeable, so if you start asking specific questions they will ask you back about your needs (which is kinda hard to answer for this particular hobby).

    2. Two shoplights is probably an OK balance against a 250w HPS. But I think you are underweight on both of these if you want to grow out 5-6 females, which I take to mean veg a dozen or so plants to flower.

    3. Instead of buying and dismantling a vacuum cleaner, I would suggest you put the money into a better fan. Why pay for all the vacuum cleaner housing, parts, etc just for a fan? Yes they are powerful but incredibly noisy (decibel levels at close range can equal a jet engine). I recommend you look at the Stanley blower available at Wally World for $40, moves a ton of air and is much quieter. If you want it inline you will have to rig something up, but it's doable.

    Depending on where you live, leaving the window open most likely will bring in warm air, especially as we are getting into the peak of summer. I think you are better to use internal air conditioning for intake and exhaust to the outside.

    I would try for 3 gal buckets minimum, at 1 gal each you are restricting your roots which means you are restricting your plants.

    For ferts there is no one "right" ratio, the key is a higher first number (N) for veg and higher second number (P) for flower.
  3. why do i need gardening supplies?

    for a school project of course.

    thanks for the advice.
    when you say stanley blower are we talking about a leaf blower? or is this something else.

    And you are right. its hott as the dickens out here.

  4. Not questions like why do you need gardening supplies but why does it have to be organic? I recommend to all my clients they use the pre-fertilized soil, what kind of plants are you growing that pre-ferts are a problem? etc.

    Stanley blower is a workshop fan:
  5. beautifull. Im keeping my eye out for that.

    Once again thanks for the knowledgable comments

  6. if he says anything about pre-ferts, tell him you don't want to taste your ferts in your veggies. you prefer the real taste.

    you could look into wiring up a computer fan or two to bring air in, and just have a hole where air would be forced out.

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