some nice police shits cold

Discussion in 'General' started by highinhouston, Sep 24, 2007.

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    full video unedited
  2. Is there a story to the rest of the story or what that guy did to that womens dad?

    Either way, that is pretty fucking pathetic. I don't give a shit who it is, if I saw a police officer needlessly beating on someone who didn't do shit, you bet your ass I am going to prison for assualting an officer. That is cruel and horrible. I hope that cop loses his badge. Sad thing is, he probably won't.
  3. wtf, the cop just kicked his ass. The guy did'nt do shit but turn around from what it shows.
  4. What did he do to get beat up? Tell me
  5. Im glad video cameras are so widley used now a days. Power hungry pigs that give a bad name to the civil servants everywhere deserve to be locked up, not just fired.

  6. The fuck?
  7. i don't get it? he was leaving and the cop just pushed him and starting to hit him?
    that cop better get something for that
  8. whats teh full story?
  9. apparantly this guy aint liked too much ,,,,,, thats kinda f-ked up to just go to swingin on him like that,,,, i mean its on camera him givin him,,, right hooks,,,,

    the only thing between a cop and a thug is a badge,,,, i aint got no use for no cop.......i wonder what his charge is,,,,, for being a dumbass and not fighting back?

    we are living in a police state,,, we aint free,,, when are ya'll going to wake up and realize this,,,, the 2'nd ammendment is there for the citizens to rise up and overthrow a ''UNRULY'' government,,,,,one day it will happen,,,

    when the american citizen quits being a pussy and quits fearing the gov.

    it will start in the south because i believe that the northern part of our country is a bunch of whimps,,,,,, get a little neck in your life,,,,,

    and lets make this gov. once again for the people ''by the people''

    it's shit like this that fires my ass up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:cool:
  10. From what I can hear he said "He overruled that"

    But still messed up, poor guy can't even say anything, and he was leaving peacefully, but I don't know what happen to the ladies dad, maybe he deserved it, but not by a cop.

  11. Yeaahhhh! GET A LIL NECK IN YA LIFE *****! Caint be like me or this muhfuckin chicken.
  12. man us southerners are the dude who dont fuckin mess about, we get ours. i too think that the south will need to start the revolution if we ever have one.
  13. im so ready,,,,, lets break some bones,,,, take control of this government back.... and decriminilize all this fake ass drug laws,,,,

    do ya hear what the chickens sayin,????:D

  14. hell yeah. im down to fuck our governments world up:)

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