some nice landscape pics!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by sidious, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. just thought i'd post some new pics, as it's snowing here all the time at the moment!....Peace out...Sid

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  2. pic 2

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  3. pic 3

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  4. Thanks for sharing those, Sid! You live in a very beautiful area!
  5. your welcome......Peace out.....Sid
  6. yea looks pretty cool sid
  7. HIGH All, mmmmm god I love mountains....anyones mountains.
    Just gorgeous sidious...keep'em coming. Do you fish it looks like some fishing waters to me.
  8. yip there's lots of good fishing to be had as it's linked to the irish sea, mostly makrel, cod, herring, whiting, dog fish, and even on the other side of the river you get salmon running towards the mouths of the rivers heading inland, not half as good as it used to be my dad keeps on telling me....he say's it wasn't uncommon to pull 50-60lb cod out of the river in the 50's-60's.....there are also 3 lochs off of the river, which are good for prawns, you can just go down and buy them from the boats....makes the ones you get in the shops bad.....they sell them like "king prawns"....and they are tiny in comparrison with the ones locally which look more like lobsters than prawns.....Peace out....Sid
  9. Great pics sid it's nice to see another part of the world.It is 79deg F here which is about 26deg C here in tropical QLD Aus.makes me cold lookin at all those pics brrrrrrr lol our winter gets down to about 40deg F which is about 5deg C and we have only about 4 of those nights.would love to visit scotland but not in winter lol.


    PS the fishin is the bees knees here too.
  10. HIGH All, sounds like our weather here on the Island ozman...not hot in the summer and not to cold in the winter.

    Fishing...I'd kill to go to oz land and catch some of your local fish.

    And of coarse Scotland!!1
  11. Unoit we have toget together and go around the world fishing.Canada and OZ land sound perfect!

    Now just getting thee time!

    I don't have one of those big RV's. i don't travel enough to offset the cost. We just load up in the Excursion and stay in motels so the kids and baby gets a little better rest.

    Years ago we travled around Tenn. in an RV. finding a campround close to the sites is a bitch. We usually get a motel close to the action so we can walk and enjoy al;l the good things to do!
  12. HIGH All, I can see it now "Bud Head and unoit hitting the world and getting everyone buzzed as we go" *LOL*.
  13. Looks like a nice place Sid..Reminds me of the "Big Sky" state we have here in the U.S. All of our fish are brown trout and rainbow trout, same class as the salmon though. Today the snow is falling and the temp is 18degrees. That's pretty warm for us. Usually the winters are -20/30 but the old El Nino helped us out this year..Hope you guys are having a good weekend.
    DO WHAT YA LIKE....Blind Faith

  14. Thats what I'm talking about.. getting buzzed, fishing and shring good times with the friends of the city!

    Thats gotta be as good as it can get!!!
  15. well i went boarding today to the nevis range, on a mountain called Aenoch Mor, on the way home...the 112 miles of it.....i took a pic of loch Linhe at sun set, it's a freshwater loch, approx 20 miles long and extremely deep as they train saturation divers there.....i was gonna get the best pic of them all, at the top of the mountain but the conditions were too bad....heavy snow.....i'll get that pic later for you's......Peace out....Sid
  16. pic 1

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  17. pic 2 a bit closer

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  18. That is so beautifull. The moutains and the water..

    Do you live in a place called heaven?
  19. lol....i think i can't be far away my friend....i've grew up here and still amazes me....haven't even seen it all yet.......Peace out...Sid
  20. That is some great looking country.

    Enjoy it to the fullest. That looks like what I dream of!

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