Some New Transparent Papers and My collection.

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  1. So yesterday me and my buddy decided to head up to a tobacco and candy store not too far away to pick up some papers. After getting the papers and calling at least 10 different people trying to hook us up with some weed, my dealer is on vacation, I call up one of my friends. A pretty hot chick not to mention who I've got close to getting with tells me shes on her way to pick up and she said she would grab me .5. Expecting the worse, I got 3 nice little nuggers that were deff dank, resulting in complete happiness.

    So I bought Trip and Glass rolling papers, both 1 and 1/4. The trip ones were a bit long so I began rolling. Not being able to completely see the paper is hard enough as it is, but the trip paper seemed not to stick too well. However they are amazing papers, burn a lot slower than zig zags, are a kinda cool. I will get use to rolling with these papers and hope to try the glass papers soon. I would deff recommend picking up a pack of these.

  2. looks pretty sexual
  3. Very cool, is that even paper, or some type of safe combustable plastic or something? Also you have a nice setup there.
  4. its actual paper, and its better than smoking normal rolling paper. Its made out plant cellulous.
  5. just look it up online dude and u will see.
  6. those papes are amazing. I love them. Glass ones especially.
  7. yeah man, I have to try the glass ones soon.
  8. good stuff

    imo you should use some of that cash and grab some glass

  9. What websites do you suggest that take paypal for glass pieces
  10. it looks like a small log of poo haha
  11. Also im wondering how does that magnetic pipe work out. It looks like a mega face burner, also does it get burning hot in your hands?
  12. Therestwo pieces to it, one the bowl and then the mouth piece. When the two pieces are laying magnetic to each other you have straight hit to the bowl, or while your traveling with it you can fold the two pieces onto each other and it looks like a little tiny brick. It doesn't get too hot, but you can feel it getting warm. Hits pretty well, it manages to get passed around 4 ppl if you pack it well enough. Really nice if you want to conceal it or travel around with it. Its not a face melter by the way lol.
  13. They look like plastic... is it a good smoke?

  14. lol yeah my friend at first was scared cause he thought it was plastic. Its not plastic at all, its made of plant cellulous and just looks plastic. The smoke was actually pretty smooth, and easier on lungs oppose to my zig zag rolls.

  15. Haha word.

  16. agrees 100 %
    pm me for ne details about buying HighEnd Glass online
  17. bro!! i have that same little magnetic pipe..mine doesnt work though anymore because the resin clogged up the screen and its not comin off haha

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