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  1. got back to the atl this afternoon after a long weekend in san fransico with the parents. my dad wanted to walk around haight and smoke his cuban and i immediated spotted puff puff pass. i decided to have my dad spend the $200 that id be getting for my birthday that day on some new pieces. the first two pieces woulda been $295ish, got them down to $225

    got a "purp" bong. its a local brand out there, don't know too much about it but i asked a guy in another shop and he said they're good.. ice catcher, splash guard, 5-arm tree perc, diffuser downstem, frosted slide/ashcatcher

    also grabbed a little bowl..i like it a lot. it's small and sturdy, triple-blown. looks cool too imo

    later my mom threw down $40 for me on a $60 vaporgenie...probably should've just ordered it but i was on vacation :]

    also grabbed a mendo-mulcher last week from ebay. this thing is nice

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  2. nice pickups man
  3. want to get a mulcher. how does it grind?
  4. Purps are pretty solid, 5mm i believe, but I have heard their percs are pretty shitty and break often. Still, that's a nice pickup regardless.
  5. preciate it everybody

    the mulcher is awesome so far, but its only been a couple weeks. no complaints yet

    im not sure about the width... and thats shitty to hear about the percs, but i don't plan on dropping it or anything any time soon :smoking:
  6. vaporgenies are the shit! nice pick ups dude

  7. Toro is 5mm too right??

    also...nice pickup
    wheres a vaporizor?
  8. that purp is sick dude, somethin like i would get
  9. all 3 peices are sick dude!!

    That purp bong is fuckin sweet..
    is the bowl somethin extra you bought?

    i thought that bowl was kinda plain till i expanded it..
    an the twisty twirly thing it is sick!

    an the last one is a classic..
    gotta have it..

    good shit bro!
  10. Too bad the arms on the perc are not reinforced. Still i heard good things about that Purp brand. I also saw another local brand there called Haze. and some oothers i cant remmeber. I never went into Puff Puff Pass, it looked small. I love the Haight. Lots of cool things to see and buy lol And as far as i know the arms on toros are not reinforced either(yet?)
  11. thanks all

    unreal: the vape is the little wooden pipe-lookin thing...its called a vaporgenie

    biggie: nope, the guy threw in that slide for free. and thanks man im real happy with my choice of bowls

    nycdiesel: the haight is awesome. last weekend was my first time there and i love it. the outside of puff puff pass is looks small but once you walk in and the guys show you the back rooms stocked up with all kinds of designer glass, your jaw will drop. at least mine did cuz it put atlanta headshops to shame (only those that ive been to, of course)...and the prices were very fair
  12. Shit haha, sounds sweet, i was thinking there has got to be better glass in the cannabis capital. I wasnt looking in the right place. My mini bub broke on the way back though, i should have bought the hemp pipe bag i saw =[
    Enjoy your glass!

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