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Some new toys

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XTC, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. a 6-shooter rotating pipe (6 separate bowls), a 1/2oz keif, 1/8 dank, and a slinky

  2. awesome slinky! untimate stoner toy. find a place with tons of steps. the keef and bud is nice too. 6 shooter looks cool too
  3. Nice pick up on the kief! looks yummy nom nom nom. that pipe is sick too
  4. #4 Corrus, Feb 23, 2009
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    Damn, nice collection. I've never seen a six shooter in my life. Did you get it online or did you pick it up at a head shop?
  5. Picked it up at a local head shop for $40. It also came with a case and 20 screens, Not bad. :)
  6. sick ass pick up specailly for tha kif with tha six shooter pipe....just load 6 powder hits and get ride for a hell of a ride lol :smoking: nice slinky too find some stairs lol
  7. How much did you pay for the half o of kief?
  8. Nice pick up man. Enjoy!! :smoking::smoking: I'm working on a fuck load of keif right now myself, I wanna get like a mini salt-shaker and fill it up with keif so I can sprinkle goodness over any bowl I desire. :bongin: Haha, just thought it'd be a neat idea.

    Juuuust blaze. :)
  9. Nice 6-shooter, I never really got the point of those bowls though.

    And the kief is fucking nasty, I've been saving for like 6 months now and I'm only a bit over 2gs. You bought that I assume? What did it run you, if you don't mind.
  10. The six shooter's tray rotates.....that way you only have to smoke the bowl closest to you.

    And the keif ran me $200.
  11. That six shooter is fuckin sweet man.
  12. Nice six shooter man.

    Enjoy the kief my friend, gotta love that shit. :D

    Happy toking GC :bongin:
  13. damn that keif looks delicious
  14. how much did you pay for that slinky?
  15. Best pickup I've seen in a while haha. Enjoy that shit!:smoke:
  16. id definitley kief out every bowl on top of the buds in there and rip it all in one sesh to break it all in:smoke:
  17. bump for greatness. that shit puts me on my ass and the pipe hits so nice. :smoke:

    oh and slinkys and escalators = fun
  18. damn that slinky looks so entertaining
  19. #19 BungaJack, Mar 11, 2009
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    Me and a buddy during college (graduated in May 2008) made one of those. We were both goin to school to become a CNC machinist and his uncle had one and we took his and made a replica. Its pretty much looks like that one. But we powder coated the pipe part and the six shooter we kept brass color.

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