Some new sigs with a new style

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by gromky, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I've been trying a new, slightly minimalist style. I'd like some input on new sigs.



  2. They're a little TOO subtle, they don't really stand out like a sig should, i like the last one though :)
  3. i like the last one the most too. but i think the text is kind of in a random spot. try making it flow with the picture, or on the edge somewhere. thats just my opinion. they are good though!
  4. Thanks for the input! Like I said, I'm still trying to get my feel of the new style (I'm used to doing abstracts with no render).
  5. [​IMG]

    Is that better placement for the name?
  6. And here's an edited version of the first one, I tried to make it "pop" more with more lighting.

  7. I like the edited ones. very nice :]

    it has good flow with the picture indeed. personally, i usually put the name on the side of the sig, but if you're trying to get it to flow, well done!
  8. that gaara one is very very nice, but the soldier one is just kinda boring to look at, no offense:smoke:
  9. None taken, lol. I just really, REALLY like the colours on the soldier one. So much that I chose it as my main sig. I'm gonna toy about with the style some more, maybe blend in some of my abstract styles.
  10. Also, here's another attempt. I tried to improve on the flow and lightning to make it pop.

  11. Aaaaaand here's another new attempt. Tried to be a little more abstract with this one, and not focus as much on the render. I think it looks good.


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