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Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Kalec, May 26, 2009.

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    Heres some new homemades i've made recently. I hope you like them.

    Diffused Downsteam
    5 Arm Tree perc

    Here's my newest Homemade its a Double bubbler with a diffused downsteam and a 10 arm tree perc, each tree with 2 diffuser slits.

    This ones not new but i thought i would add it anyway.

    4 arm Diffused A/C
    Diffused Downstem
    10 Arm Diffused tree perc

    if you want to see some pictures of this one you can go to my thread about it:
  2. wow, tut please. all three look sick but i bet the last one really rips nice job

    edit: 420th posttttt
  3. nice, but why are you using matches when you've got a lighter right there?
  4. I'll to get a tut out soon. Hopefully.

  5. Pretty fucking sexy.
  6. lmfao ya no shit thats excactly what i was gonna say. matches tast so gross but i have never used them out of a bong so im not sure how it tastes that way seems like it would ruin the taste of your bud.
  7. Matches make it taste sooooo much better, i always use matches if i have the chance.
  8. Really? Maybe i'm just weird then i just prefer the taste of a match to a lighter.
  9. well if you like the taste of asshole I guess so.

    O ya and also is that the top of a airsoft gun for one of the bongs diffusers? lol i was just lookin at that shit and remember i used to have an airsoft gun with the same top lol.
  10. I think matches make the hit taste much less harsh compared to a lighter
  11. thats gross have you ever tried it without the bong? like out of a spoon or anything? cuz then you would realize how gross matches really are.
  12. Just did. i like matches more, there isn't any butaney after taste. I have nothing against lighters and i use them 95% of the time its just nice to use matches here and there for a nice change.

  13. Alright lol I dont taste the butane after taste but then i took a hit with a match and it fealt like my throught was burning and a salty fucking taste all through my mouth bud shit idk man maybe its just me. If you like that taste then enjoy!\

    EDIT: shit im going to go write a thread about people enjoying matches when toking.

  14. Dude, wait for the sulfur to burn away..use it when the wood is whats burning.
  15. shit ya good idea just doesnt that take a while and what if it goes out by then...???
  16. Dude no matter how long I stare at the bubbler, I can't figure it out. Can you post a few more pictures of that beast?
  17. I'll post some better pictures when i get back from school.

    But the diffused downstem goes all the way to the bottom which is the first chamber and then the smoke travels up and through the 10 Arm diffused perc which is the second chamber and then through the tubing into your mouth.:smoking:
  18. I'm looking into making some homemades myself and I was wondering what you used for the tree percs. Are those just straws or what? Sweet pieces though man.
  19. Sick homemades, man. Nice to see someone going about it the right way and using a real bowl, and not aluminum foil...

    I've used matches before, too, when my lighter was out. Just gotta wait for the sulfur to burn away and you're good to go.
  20. but dude he had a lighter right there!

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