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Some new bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by akforty7s, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Sorry, I'm bored and cant think of anything to post... so here is some pics of my recent pickup

  2. little stemmy, but that shit is frosted damn id like some of that
  3. That is some delicious looking chronic. What strain?
  4. Looks........... fruity. :p
  5. damn looks like frosted flakes!
  6. that looks like some bombass shit. i wish we could get bud looking like that around here:( is it pretty stoney?
  7. HAHA, thats basically what i was thinking!
  8. looks like what im smoking now, where are you from?
  9. That's dro..

  10. DAMN it'd be NUTS to see that with some crazy detail. NICE buds, definately a +rep man you iknow
  11. wow that stuff looks amazing not sure if it was asked before how much did you pay for it? now go smoke that shit before i come and steal it:DLOL:bongin:
  12. Ak always postin the heady buds
  13. good stuff man
  14. nice herb man toke that shiz

  15. oh so frosty
  16. Thx blades.. this is some cali bud that my friend brought home, I only bought a gram, and it was 20 bucks. Cant complain :)

    Trying to pick up some more headies for everyone to see, if only this kid would pick up his FUcKING PHONE!!!#@^! :mad:

  17. fo'sho
  18. thats some dank ass bud. Would love to smoke it but the stuff I have right now will do just fine.

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