Some new bud.

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by JRilla, May 20, 2004.

  1. Just picked this up earlier. Payed $30 for it. Some mad good weed. One gram of this stuff got me and 3 guys pretty high, this right here is about 2.5 - 3, so just imagine what that will just ME! :D (Whoa, ryme. :D)

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  2. Closer up on a bud. Sorry for the not so great quality pics guys.

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  3. nice nugs ya got there, i got myself about 4 grams, and since i dont gotta goto school tomorrow, guess thats my plans
  4. those r nice nugs... by the way duffey where u live in SC?
  5. Summerville
  6. heard of it... but never been there... anyway one time i had these 2 nugs buds with red hairs all around them... when i broke them up it was still red hairs.... i thought i would never see such a thing esp. living in SC ..... i wanna make a trip out to BC canada someday... and go to the shops to buy some dank shit.... and some pipes...
  7. dawg, here in summerville you can find some nice dank kb, i got some blue kb here once, OMG, iced the fuck out, knocked me on my ass, the usual is some bright bright bright... like this text box green covered in red and iced out... comes in little micro-nugs, very tastey, like oranges
  8. yea man... i just had hydro the other day... it was very bright green bud... burned fast when we smoked it... it was bad ass..

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