Some new bud pics!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by sidious, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. thought i'd post a few pics of some of my buds....4 weeks into's hard to see the crystals as all i've got's a web-cam.....but trust me they're i'm gonna enjoy smoking out...Sid

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  2. Looking great there Sid!! Got me drooling all over the damn keyboard. Look out Woody, Sid may give you a run for your money!! :)


    "The student has now become the teacher"

  3. pic 2

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  4. last one...

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  5. Tnx for the for being better than woody...well i doubt it will be in this hey up there in the clouds in the next....who can give us all the light we out...Sid
  6. i'm gonna try and take a pic through the magnifying glass....i'll let you know if it works....damn i need a digital camera....Peace out...Sid
  7. Only ribbing ya about Woody pal. Not sure anyone could ever top those skills. Woody is the Grandmaster Grower of the City.

    Interesting idea with the mag glass. Might blurr a bit though, but what the hell do I know?
  8. 4-6 weeks sounds about for smell....nice and sweet....not too out....Sid
  9. well only 1 pic came out it is anyway...Peace out...Sid

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  10. From 4" to 19" in 20 days?!?!? Not an expert on the growing by any means, but whatever is in that Super Thrive is doing the trick!!
  11. hey woody i can get super thrive...but i'm struggeling to find a web site that sells that top shooter that you're talking about....have you got any links to a grow shop over there that might have some?....Peace out...Sid

  12. I was hunting a bit the other day andcame acrodd this place..
  13. Can't find top shooter on it!....Peace out...Sid
  14. tnx woody i'll have a look this afternoon.....Peace out....Sid
  15. it looks o.k....but i'm really wanting some close up shots to get the crystals the shots that woody has in past posts...kinda crystal clear....i'm looking for a good camera at the moment....i think i'm gonna go for a fuji....with 4.1mega pixels...for $400....i need to convert that first and see how much delivery is...but the same camera is £500 here which is like £700 or something....Peace out....Sid
  16. nice buds man... i wish mine will turn out to something liek that....
  17. wow that is nice buds kedep on updating please!
  18. wat are u growing it under?
  19. a kidding, they were started on a MH and then a dual spectrum till ready to flower and then just the HPS for the flowering stage...a 400w...the MH is a 150w....peace out...Sid

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