Some nature i find interesting

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by hockeytree, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Here are some plants of mine, if you want to learn what they really are read the description with the photo


    Tell me what you think, and enjoy some nature!
  2. I want to plant those all around my house lol
    are the buds smokeable?
  3. Well if you do want them, you can find cleomes at most flower shops/nurseries(first pic).
    But the False Aralias are considered a weed, I personally found mine while wandering with my friends on a nature preserve.

    And I have heard of people attempting to smoke False Aralias but it had no effect.

    Never heard of anyone smoking cleomes. But I actually intend to dry and cure some cleome flowers and leaves. From my understanding it has no alkaloid content but i bet it would taste just like cannabis. mainly due to its smell.
  4. Yeah, those planst grow all over my property. And no they're not smokeable, well they are (anything is), but won't get you stoned.
  5. you could esily hide a plant or two amongst these.
  6. Chaste tree berry plants look like cannabis without the buds.

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