Some mushroom related pictures I took today (56k will get raped)

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Heres some shrooms I found while walkin around today. Not sure if any are edible, or psychedelic, but the pictures are fun anyways. Sorry there big, 56k wont make it out alive!

    If anyone can ID them, feel free. :D

  2. Oh and i picked these for the hell of it. Any ideas?


    spore print
  3. sweet pics I like the first one the best but my guess is that you cant get high from those.
  4. there all edible
    just eat them all
  5. haaa dude this is funny. i could just imagine watching some dude walking around taking pictures of mushrooms. haaaa but ne ways. from what i've heard, "if it can be stepped on, it will stomp on you". (meaning kill you). i personally wouldnt try any of em.i dont know what any of em are.
  6. Can't id any of them, but those are some nice pics. Ya got skills son.:smoking:
  7. i ate some mushrooms like that that i found one time, didnt do anything for me but i didnt die or get sick either
  8. must be nice livin in more snow than tony montana, here in washington
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    that spore print was cooooooool

    hah that was my 666th post

    anyways im curious what other ps3 games do ya got?
  10. i like teh ass/heart shaped one :p
  11. third one from the top and the ones you picked look pretty psilocybin-ish

    but don't trust what I say or you might end up getting your stomach pumped :D
  12. i think none of those are edible
    great pics though
    i live in canada, i havent seen green grass (except for one type of grass...) in months :(

  13. Guitar hero 3, guitar hero world tour, call of duty 4, callof duty moden warfare, oblivion game of the year edition, saints row 2, blazin angels, ridge racer 7, metal gear solid 4 and Fall out 3.
  14. You listed the same game twice.

    ...Now figure out which one it was.....bwahahaha.....:devious:
  15. just eat them bro eat the ones that are skinny those are the good ones its worth the risk
  16. *Call of duty WORLD AT WAR

    (fucking COD4 twice, my bad dogg)

    Of course, death is worth possibly shrooming.
  17. I have all of those same shrooms growing around my area man

    My dumbass friend ate a couple of the ones in the third picture, but nothing happened
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    i cant help you id them, but pictures 8 and 9 look like my penis inside of a full condom of my gizz after i got done with your mom

    This isnt the kind of responses we need here on the City. I dont know who you think you are, But say this to some people in real life and you're going to get alot worse then an infraction. -KSR
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    wanna talk shit fool? Lets go. Best watch yourself, say that to the wrong person when you aint on the internet, you could end up shittin out of a new asshole
  20. that looks like a condom after im done with you


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