some more questions. Need a fast answer.

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  1. Alright so check out my journal link for reference.

    But.. i redid my lighting so now i have 6 5300k and one 5500k CFL's in my cab now. I replaced all of my 2000k range ones (since i read those are a flowering light. once i kick on flowering i will switch out all the 5000k's with the 2000k+ ones so ill have 6 23w 2500k CFL's and my 150w HPS on 2 plants. I think im still overkill
  2. You have one post, so you signed up just to say your a dink? Way to be helpful
  3. hahaa i just started i grow so i signed up this is just the first time i felt compelled to say something. i will be posting pics and a journal soon got a 6 1000 w hydro set up but im still working on getting my clone numbers up
  4. Again, what was the point in posting in this thread? Be helpful or stay silent.
  5. I agree Dutch, you're starting off on the wrong foot. There are plenty of folks around here who deserve a sarcastic poke every now and then, I don't see anything in the OP's post to warrant that here.

    To the OP, you have about 300 actual watts on 2 plants, that's solid. "Overkill" is a relative concept with MJ growing -- true that you are significantly over the minimum needed amount, but especially since half of your watts are coming from CFLs (which are only about half as efficient as HIDs in converting watts to lumens) I wouldn't say overkill, I'd say a grower who wants to maximize his yield.

    I didn't check your journal so not sure how old your plants are, if they are young then that might in fact be overkill for right now. But the sun puts out about 10,000 lumens, so until you are pushing past that I wouldn't worry too much about overkill.

    I would like to see you get CFLs up around 6500k, optimal blue spectrum for vegging, rather than 5000-5500k.
  6. If you're gonna run 100w equiv CFL's (23w'ers) I'd recommend almost pure indacas and a SCrog Setup. your not going to get enough light penetration. I'm running 3 actuall 100w CFL's on an 80% sativa (first grow) and although its mostly good, and I'm pleased with my first grow, I can see the downsides of CFL light penetration.

    (I also run 3 100w equiv CFL's as supllemental lighting. Swittching over to HPS for flowering next grow. Will keep CFL's for veg)
  7. sounds great partner, i currently have 6 27 watt cfls over my 1 grape ape baby. good luck!
  8. I have 150w of MH/HPS. as well as 200watts(actual) of additional lighting. Im pretty sure im good.
  9. just make sure it doesnt get too hot! yet i have a question about the flourescents. If I ran 3 23w flouro's that are equiv to 100w ea. would that grow 1 plant? sorry to post a question on your thread, i'm just thinking of using those 23w's..
  10. maybe get 2 more. just so u have enough. its only going to cost another 10 bucks. and you will be covered. growing with cfl's takes 2 diff types. 5000-6500k for veg. and 2700k for flowering. so u will need to change out bulbs between veg and flower.

    Make sense? and i have 3 little fans blowing on my lights. one exaust fan. one circulation fan. and one intake fan. as well as an intake hole. my cab with 10 lights runnin stays at about 70-76 degrees depending on outside temps. sometimes it creeps to 80 but gets back down if crack a cab door. Hope i helped.

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