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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bubblegum_man20, Sep 6, 2003.

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  5. Awesome grow man!
    Im just learning the indoor grow stuff. But the stems look really thin. Is that from being inside? My outdoor plants have huge stems on them, big thick ones.

    I brought a outdoor plant in for a indoor mum and it has a nice thick stem.....should help support her with no wind, etc i hope.

    Your clones look good. Im pumped I tried to cone for the first time and and I got my plant to take root in 8 days (lots of roots in a clear cup).

    I saved the genes of a awesom momma plant someone found outside and cut her down......only leaving a bottom branch........and I saved so pumped!!!! Hope to have a grow like yours all with her genes.
  6. indoor stems dont get real thick unless you grow for along time like keeping a mom ,,,woody is a pro and his stems are thin ,,,,indoors you cant reproduce sunlight to a t so you have to do your best,,,,,they may be thin but they are pretty strong they stretched alittle because high n fert while flowering but that will not happen again got some tiger bloom and the rest of the plants are staying smaller once i work the taller ones out i will lower the light 6-8 inches good luck all
  7. I'm afraid i have to disagree with some of your comments about indoor plants stems not being so thick, i think prolly it is the breed of plant you are growing which might be why they are so thin, i grew skunk N0.1 last year and it was a very spinderly plant, with very thin stems.

    Although the stems on some of the plant pics i have seen inthese forums maybe thin, i'm sure they can hold their own in weight, most breeds can. A way to stregnthen the stems is to make sure you have a fan blowing on them consistantly all the way thro the grow, this will make for a good durable plant.

    Before growing bud, check on the breed of the seed or cutting, make sure you have what you want...indica or staiva, indoor or outdoor, that way you will get the final crop you always dreamed
  8. i agree with that the stems may be skinny but they are very strong almost hard like little tree branches
  9. here a pic of my first harvest this is an 1/8oz of green buds i got a total of 5/8oz off my first plant ,,,plant was 28" grown under a 400watt agrosun metal halide for 9 weeks with no seeds good luck all

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  10. pipe for the wife

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  11. i just found out how to do that + he looks pretty cool sorry
  12. okay, there can't be two of you with it... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! haha...

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