some more glass (lux inside)

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  1. my PJ chillum(has sadly been removed from my collection by a man in a blue suit)

    a saxophone i gave to my brother

    one of my favorite spoons

    my first pipe( i lost it)

    and a lux mini

    well thats it, hope u enjoyed lookin
  2. that lux looks amazing. where did u get it at?? and how much if u dont mind me asking??? milk shots plz =)
  3. I'm also interested in where you got the lux? Local shop? Online? If it's online pm the link

    (it's against rules to post competators links)

  4. yeah can u pm me the link also thanks:bongin:
  5. nice bong and all, but some of those pieces are just so sick!

  6. i got the lux a while back at my local headshop
    a few of those pieces have left my possesion or broken, sadly that is the case with the lux

    milk (from a camera phone so the quality is bad)
    [ame=""]lux video by idkim2high4this - Photobucket[/ame]
  7. Lots of high end glass vendors won't allow their vendors to sell their product online because with drug paraphernalia going across multiple states, it becomes a Federal issue. Who wants to deal with that?
  8. nice glass dude. sick sherlock
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    i agree, my favorites are the sax and the spoon tbh the lux was just so people would look at the thread
    thanks man

    heres some non smoking related glass this if from my first week on the torch
    my 5th attempt at a colored marble

    more to come
  10. Damn, very nice!


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