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Some more central FL fire

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by pieking, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Once I get a good video camera, I'm going to be posting some milkshots out of my new wildrok tube. :bongin:


  2. woo that's beautiful - I may have to come visit Tampa ;)
  3. haha I hear you guys get your fair share of dank over in Orlando too. :smoke:
  4. that's nice some stuff for florida!

  5. we get some pretty good dank in FL. headies are very rare in my parts though.

  6. florida always has nice sht what u on?

    nice pickup.. very dank.

  7. thanks man. I was thinking the same thing when he posted that. :smoke:
  8. Every state always has nice shit, buds nice for FLA like i said.

  9. do you live in florida?

  10. Where u from Tennessee? Like i said.. Florida always has nice bud.. u probably never been here.. access to loads of dealers and many potheads over here.. Florida is #4 on the charts for most predicted weed smokers ( HighTimes ).. and pretty much lots of people over here get caught with weed over here with a punishment of 3 months probation.. happened to me when i was a juvenile 2 years ago. You're trying to say Florida has bunk weed and no Good dank..
  11. #11 KiD LoUi, Oct 7, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2010
    helll yea:smoke:

    edit: i didnt even notice that more like dank is in orlando.. happy tokin :D
  12. thanks guys, just picked up some more fire, here's a nice little nuggie.

  13. Been in florida for a month now and forget palm trees and white sandy beaches..that's the prettiest thing I've seen. :D
  14. Yeah i live in Winter springs, and all i can find is dank. It is very depressing tbh, reggie prices are very cheap but hard to find.
  15. I lived in Tampa for bout ten years and they have great danks but people think Florida has a bad rep for buds just because the mids are dirt:( so if you come to FL and get nothing but mids of course your going to think the bud is bad...
  16. I mean FL does have some shit weed, don't get me wrong, but the amount of chronic we get greatly outweighs the amount of schwag we get. That goes for pretty much the whole state. I mean are are some dry regions but for the most part FL is very well off.

  17. oh hell ya... we got good stuff in orlando
  18. Just picked up a dime tonight, here's a nice little nuggie.

  19. Bro im in The bay too!!,we have our fair share of headies down in riverview, i LOVE the nug shot + rep man:hello:
  20. Nice buds..whatup FL:hello:

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