Some minecraft help?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Kiefsweat, May 19, 2011.

  1. well i play minecraft. i love this game so fucking much man, anyway
    i have a bad video card yadayada i have to play through the browser,
    when i take screenshots..i was wondering. where the fuck do they go???
    i cannot find them ANYWHERE!!! ive taken some really nice pictures too
    id love to see them. if anyone cal help me out thatd be really bad ass..
  2. If you use printscreen they go into your clipboard, just open Photoshop, Paint, or whatever and ctrl+v.

    Only holds one at a time too btw.
  3. Idk where they go when you hit the screenshot button but id check the clipboard by doing ctrl+v in paint/PS, and check %appdata%/.minecraft (assuming Windows). Otherwise, idk.
  4. hellyea, thanks guys ill do the print screen thing. they are nowhere on the computer its self in paint or PS so, ill just do that, thanks tho!
    ill try to post my pics haha i want you guys to see my fucking epic castle and sky bridge, built with no middle supports. :) fun times
  5. I havent checked myself, but i think you can find them by going to start > run (or windows key+R) and typing %appdata% in the run dialog. Open the .minecraft folder, then screenshots.

  6. holy shit dude...
    that worked like..instantly hahaha
    found ALL my screenshots
    thanks maan, forreal. +rep for sure
  7. Sweeeet. Usually use the WoM client so I don't have to deal with it. Sucks about your video card. Glad you found the shots!
  8. Theres probably an official thread for minecraft, but if anyone wants to post up a server they are playing on or something that would be cool cause im bored, and its raining, and im sober.
  9. blow it up with tnt
  10. Just so people know in general. There is a key on your keyboard next to F12 called "Print screen" If you press the key, whatever is shown on your monitor will be copied to your clipboard. You can then open any graphics program (Paint that comes with Windows) And go to Edit >> Paste >> Save, to make a screen shot.

    To the original poster... Instead of doing Start >> Run >> "%AppData%"... I assume you can open My Computer and navigate here C:\ >> Documents and Settings >> User >> AppData >> Minecraft >> Screenshots

  11. ..i mean, i figured it all out, it was fairly simple..
    just moved my screenshot folder to my desktop, easy access.. ill try to show you guys my castle soon. its fucking huuuggee
    not very efficient, but huge. lots of storage space inside of them though.
    im in the process of connecting islands across the water by bridges, and placing huge castles on any island i discover.
    I dub thee, Ganja Hub Central.

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