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some mid

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mos_def, May 26, 2010.

  1. very happy, i made 3 blunts and my friends got so high, and me included :)
  2. i hope ur boys threw down and u werent funding that sesh.
  3. i just let em smoke it cuz were getting a hotel this weekend for graduation, so they are going to be buying an oz of dank for our sesh
  4. yea 30 on that is str8 and ive also gotten mids that were so bricks up and large seeds that it looked short(even tho i weighed it up and it was hooked up by like 2 g's lol) so who knows but def def need to get a scale ... its like step 3 of being a stoner.1 and 2 get weed and get a piece lol..
  5. lol could def buy a scale right now but im more afraid of being caught with it than ripped off.
    also, that mid+mango fucked me up, im still trying to remember half of last night
  6. no its not. 30 a quad is pretty average though.
  7. not a quater but $30 for that aint bad

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