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Some medical tutti frutti (macros)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Ember, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. i live/go to school on the east coast so finding medical only happens so often... but heres what i just picked up. called tutti frutti... i'm guessing the small nugs (about the size of a pinky nail) are meant to be 1 hitters (like medical dosage or something) pretty sweet. tastes delicious. almost 'fruity pebble'-like... picked up a q for 120

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  2. Looks tasty! Nice pickup:smoke:
  3. mayb the small buds on from the bottom of the plant or they jus broke off from a bigger bud
  4. That my friends is a beautiful pickup. Some really delicious looking buds you got, nice and frosty with some purps on it, not one purple leaf lol, i hate when kids try to claim they have "Purple Haze" when it has one purple leaf in it. Price not bad either, anyone whos smoke some real medical knows 60/an eight is WELL worth it. Enjoy:bongin:
  5. good score, looks amazing!!
  6. I'm pretty sure I've had some of that.

    It was named tutti frutti and the descriptive word that came to my mind was always fruity pebbles.

    Does it smell fucking beautiful and though not straight-strawberry does have a hint of strawberry smell?

    Also I remember it knocking my ass the fuck out after a few hours.

  7. Around here we call that the grapes :wave:
  8. damn that looks tasty, and dense as hell nug formation!

  9. yes exactly. haha

    and this stuff is definitely 1 hit k.o.

    as for the nug size... my friend who i got this from picked up an O and the biggest nug was .5 g.--- and we think that was the top of the plant b/c of its shape in comparison to the rest. i'm guessing it was grown to make small nugs or something.
  10. damn send some to nc ill be ya best friend =)

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