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Some lucky people

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bucknut, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Ok, I've been combing a lot threads all over the place and I just have to say there are a lot of luck SOBs on here with quality looking pot!!! I have never even came close to smoking anything that good!

    Kudos to everyone that have the capabilities to grow that stuff and/or has access to it!!

    I wish my monitor was a scratch and sniff one!
  2. when I first joined when I was like 17 i thought the same thing. i always just got decent beasters (i'd call them high mids, now). but now adays there is good pot all over the place. you should be able to find some.
  3. Yea well, I'm 41 and married. Its not that easy anymore. I use to get some good stuff from my Grandpa when he was alive. He always had what I would call good stuff but nothing compared to what I see on here.
  4. If you want better weed (easy or not) FIND IT. No one else is going to do it for you...
  5. Damn... i do have to admit... us here in the northwest are pretty fucking lucky. Everyone and their grandma grows and everyone from 20 some year old kids to 60 year old ladies are patients and some are even caregivers. Seriously my bros cg is 60... you would not expect it. She charges 275/oz which is damn steep for medical prices (legit caregivers/shops do 200/oz... no more than 250)

    Then i go to my friend in another city who is 23 or something and just looks like a skater/stoner dude... and he gets the most chronic shit i have ever smoked... and it's pretty cheap @ $225/oz... too bad i have to drive more than 300 miles roundtrip :eek: (montana is fucking huge, 4th biggest state)
  6. Don't know where you live.. but there aren't many places where good weed is out of the question
  7. [​IMG]

    Check this map out I just found it. I live in the yellow area and find dank all over the place lol.
  8. ya I live in dark green but that map was done back in '06. probably looks a lot different now

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