some local nug. any other nc tokers?

Discussion in 'General' started by DANKron1k, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    some nug iv been collecting. left to right, mids beasters headies. headies in hand. been lookin for some kush. anyone go to app state that can hook up some funky nugget?

  2. Looks alright.
    Some good Mids.

    I'm from NC.
    Where you at?
  3. maybe some outdoor beasters? how much you pay for an 8th?

    btw, i'm from the asheville area.
  4. Near Norfolk here (South Mills, NC), looks like some local stuff for sure. How was it? How much did it run you?
  5. Godamn I swear I need to go up that way. I just met a stoner around my way and guess where he's from asheville big surprise lol. I hear nothing but good things about Aville.
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    best drugs on the east coast, no exception.

    boone is a close second.

    third is morgantown, west virginia.
  7. yea I'm not far. I'm in the wester nc area.
  8. looks like good ol nc mids :D im in Fuquay ! anybody else?
  9. I live in NC near the coast, that looks like some wilmington bud...but a darker orage.
  10. Nah, charlotte,wilkesboro,statesville, winston. But I know pplz in wilmington
  11. those mids on the left were 20 for 3 gs. and the headies in my hand were 60 n eighth. pics dont do justice to the crystalyness of the beasters i got. some niiice beasters 45 n 8th. n i gotta disagree. boone/app state has some funky ass nugget by far the best iv seen. idk how much better u can get in NC
  12. im in apex
  13. From the Polk County area (Columbus to be specific) I cant wait til I see some bud like that ^_^ btw what should pay around here for bud? I just moved in a month ago from MA and I cant drive yet so I havnt had a car, and I havnt been able to meet anyone so every day its been wake up at 2 go to bed a 5 watch tv all day.. gay shit, pissed I had to move but also kinda excited to meet the locals, I always like a change of scenery (Im actually originally from Denmark =p) well now im rambling.. but if anyone get to me on prices, I dont want to get ripped off, that would be much appreciated.
  14. ^^holy shit in ur pic u look like a ten year old little

  15. Just left Fuquay after 18 years, but now Im in Chapel Thrill dry with no contacts:(

  16. looks like that mid grade from around here, ha south mills, you live around J&E and cartwrights gas stations.
  17. I was really baked =p
  18. im in Quay town aswell, up at Wake Tech, woop woop.
  19. Not really, I'm more down 343 toward Elizabeth City but yeah I could be at J&E in a few mins... I really never go there as the 2 times I went it was pretty gross and the cashier was rude.

  20. Charlotte -southcaroline border. Good mids.

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