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  1. Hey its not looking too serious yet but it could be the start of a problem. Its been about a week since I topped this Tuna plant and another week before that I transplanted from a solo cup. Since I gave a little spray of some super diluted nutrients on the soil (500ml water and 3 small drops of a grow nutrient and the same of a micro nutrient) . I only used about 50-100ml I sprayed and I gave a little to the rest of the plants but they haven't had the same problem yet. This was a couple days ago but maybe the last watering today washed it down into the soil so maybe its that?
    What do you think?
    48310039_538377416638533_7493962154714857472_n.jpg 48364296_1136378379865501_2573561785495846912_n.jpg 47571842_619478421808666_2745622036549206016_n.jpg 48319122_275735566418328_7459367683499229184_n.jpg
  2. There seems to be nutrient burn on tips of fan leaves and once you burn your plants that part of the plant never recovers and if not rectified it shrivels up the ends making it look awful and then die. Did you say your mixing 50ml - 100ml in 500 ml in water ???what medium are you using temps pH and humidity please....progrouk
  3. people freak out about the stupidest things. what is the problem? the tiny yellow tips?
    you ll cause more damage trying to fix an imaginary problem and eventually end up killing a perfectly healthy plant
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  4. Nutrient burn isn't something to just ignore.your plants are telling you too much nutrients if you keep feeding them instead of tweaking your nutes your asking for any of the npk lockout or nitrogen toxic plants and in sequence to these you will be chasing your are in circles trying to find out wtaf is going on.IMO you don't need to read or take it on board it is simple common sense although yes nutrient burn isn't something to get concerned of but if left undone it will destroy them solar panels which you will need in flower good luck......progrouk
  5. If you want the best medicine you and your plants can produce getting sloppy is not the way to go.
  6. What are ur temps and air flow like. Looks like a tiny bit of heat stress.

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  7. I don’t really see any nute burn, I mean there’s the tiniest amount of yellowing on a couple of leaves but nothing I’d consider any issue whatsoever. To me there doesn’t look to be anything wrong with that plant.

    You did say it only had 3 drops of a grow nutrient and 3 drops of a micro nutrient right? That’s nowhere near enough to burn your plants.

    Edit: are you foliar feeding?

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    He/she said only 3 drops of grow and micro nutrient in 500ml of water, shouldn’t be a problem even if the plant had all 500ml but he even only gave it 50-100 ml of the mixed solution. There really isn’t an issue here I don’t think.

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  9. There's not a damn thing wrong with it

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  10. Ya I only used a few drops in a spray bottle (can see in the edge of the one pic) diluted and used some of that only on the soil. It hasn't gotten any worse today so ill just not give it any more for a while until they look like they need it. I've just been growing in a non fertilized soil with perlite and the day before that happened was the first time I used any nutrients.

    I was worried a bit because its still recovering from the topping and the new terminal buds are still pretty small and haven't made new leaves yet.
  11. She looks great imo. If you think you added to many nutrients then just feed with regular distilled or RO h20. If it has anything to do with the environment, then check your stats:
    • Humidity: 40% - 60%
    • Temperature: 72 to 76F / 22.2 - 24.4C
    Dont forget the air circulation too. Good luck.
  12. Sloppy?

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