Some kind of monster... (Definately not that wretched Metallica job)

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  1. Welcome, I would like to start by saying that this is my OFFICIAL first post. My first one was a testing of the waters of sorts. But this is my official introduction.
    On to the subject at hand...
    This evening while I awaited the delivery of my gram of headyass dank I explored my creative side. I began by building a waterfall, which is shown in the picture. I just straightup used a Perrier bottle and some hot glue to seal the tin foil bowl. It works fucking good too. After I finished it, my thirst for invention was yet to be satiated. I then commenced the creation of this seemingly hookahass, bongass, and bubblerass amalgimation consisting of a perrier bottle, a punch bottle of sorts, a vaccuum hose length with foil bowl and foil diffuser on respective top and bottom sides. bridging the chambers was a narrower length of hose that put the diffuser right below the waterline like a regular bong and much to the chagrin of it's larger predecessor. Atop the second chamber is attached a longer length of hose which adds to the hookah element. It smokes beautifully, succeeding, where so many others have failed, in milking like a fucking champion. I smoked several bowls of the dank and was satiated, as in my brain was quenched.

    Pictured below are a picture of my invention, which I have dubbed "Frankenstein" due to it's status as a bastard child of paraphrenalia, and the waterfall.

  2. Hmm, did not know you could weigh out bud with your eye by looking at a fuzzy picture. :rolleyes:

    I got stuff right now that is so dense that a nug about the one the size in the picture is a gram.

    a zip I picked up of it only filled up about 3/4ths of the bag.

    and kool piece op, just watch out for tin foil :)

  3. still that doesn't look like a gram...
  4. That pic was taken post-session.
  5. careful with that tin foil, wouldn't want holes in your brain.
  6. man that whole post was a bit ostentatious OP

  7. You sir are the ass-master.

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