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some kewl shit.......

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokin&tokin, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. i know that some of your parents smoke with you, or let you smoke,but mine dont. My parents have been pretty square since i started smoking weed, then over the months, they have eased up about it. and now i just talk to my mom or dad about what happed tooday when i was smoking weed, or like if i got a new pipe or something. see, my dad is more lenient then my mom cus he used to be a stoner after all , but he would do it if he didnt get drug tested at work. but my mom is such a prude, she thinks it is so bad, but recently i begged and begged to smoke weed with her, and she finally gave in, and she said it was her first time, and she got really stoned. and now i have been smoking with my mom for like 5 weeks straight, and she is a newbie stoner now and it is sooooo kewl, so see such a nerdy ass mom smoking with me. its so kewl though. now she is even buying me a new pipe for my upcoming b-day!!! bad ass!!! just wanted to let u all know that there is one more new stoner in the world, (thanks to me), my mom!!
  2. Well congrats to mommy and you!

    But nerdy ass mom?

    Grew up with alcoholic mom.

    Sounds like you got a pretty cool one there dude!

    Don't call your mom nerdy ass. For all you know, she may have been a hottie in high school!:)
  3. Sweet, that's how it should be. My dad's comin out to visit me at the end of the month and we're gonna be tokin some mad bud and snowboarding n shit,,,


  4. yeah man... ya shouldn't talk so badly about your mom... even if ya are just messin' around... sounds to me like your mom's pretty chill.
  5. i would like to get stoned with my mom some time, she tried it in highschool but didn't like it, i guess she got really stoned or was using bad smoking devices or something, she said she had trouble walking. if she had paced herself or something i think it would have been fine. maybe sometime i will convince her to do it. she is a strait shooter but open minded, she doesn't even really drink, she just sips wine every now and then.
  6. Oh man, I'd sell my soul to be able to smoke with my mom (*just kidding) but seriously, I would love to smoke with her, I think it would be great! You're lucky!
  7. You guys sound like you have some pretty cool parents.. mine smoke weed occasionally, but id never blaze with them just wouldnt feel right

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