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Some KB!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Kramer, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. So I picked up some KB. 2.4 grams for 30 bucks.

    It was originally 20 per gram, but I talked him down to 15.

    Cool dude. Much respect. Hehe.

    Fuckin' blazed. 2 hits, I'm high. Another sent me to the moon.

    Still fuckin' goin'. Hope you enjoy the green.

  2. nice pot nice price +reps
  3. I had some kb like that before, this black dude got it for us. We got fucked up and it was all good.

    It's always fun seeing how far you can get people down to.
  4. high middies
  5. Hook it the fuck up! :p
  6. define KB?
  7. Stands for kine bud.
    Just means really good weed.
  8. Shit...

    Gotta love those tiny ass bowls!

  9. agree on this one, the pics could just be deceiving, but that doesnt look all that great to me. cant really see any trichs and it looks pretty dry
  10. Actually stands for KIND Bud.

    Agreed. Mids.
  11. thts funny..regg where im frm looks jus like tht:D

    gone to carolina in my mind...
  12. the words "kine" and "kind" have been used interchangeably, but i am pretty sure that the original way of saying was kine, coming from hawaiian slang "da kine"
  13. nice buds, do you use a pro camera for your macros?
  14. yeah its definitely kine, but its all good.
    Looks like some real good mids, but if he says its dank im not gonna doubt em.
  15. Hell no!

    This is a piece of shit Kodak EasyShare C433.

    That's why you'll never see these tight fuckin' trichs in any of my shots.

    My technology blows.
  16. swim flips better "kb"(high mids) for 10 a g he wanted 20 a g, fuck that dude
  17. I don't care what anybody thinks.

    THIS was a bomb pick up.

  18. well all that matters is that you're satisfied so nice pick up man! +rep
  19. ok KB stands for KINE BUD and i am pretty sure kine means beautiful in hawaiian or something. i grew up on kb and i learned it as kind buds (incorrect) but anyways kb is just some lower grade no name dank/high mids and judging by all of the kb i had in my past i would say this is some average kb. im not sure where OP is from but i must say that is pretty pricey for kb. in my area (which is not known for cheap bud) kb is usually about 10 a gram, 30 an 8 and 55 a 1/4. how much is dank herb where youre from?


    +rep for bringin me back to the old days

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