Some jackass hit my car

Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. [side note] why is this place the only place I've been that if you post something, and picture is too big, when you go back it erases your WHOLE post?? [/side note]

    So yea.. they hit my car, and left. What a mother fucker. Heres some pictures..

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  2. another...

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  3. last one...

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  4. that blows. And this site easily loses your post if you aren't paying attention. You have to learn to hit Ctrl+A Ctrl+C all the time.
  5. damn that totally sux

    i got hit in my driver door like that about 4 years ago cause some dude didn't stop at a stop sign

    i have the same car as you man mine is a 95

    and i love it

    i have a picture too...
  6. this picture might cheer you up dude:

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  7. lol nice. the 4 banger doing that? or you got the V6? either way, I know that took you a little while, damn thing has trouble getting to 120. picture doesnt help though, to be honest. My dad is talking about trading it in for something else because of my luck with it. Maybe he'll go insane and trade it in for a WRX :) :) :) Or maybe insurance will say its totaled and get me a new accord v6.. nice.
  8. yeah its a 4 banger, but manual transmission

    i actually hit the rev limiter but my buddy taking the picture didn't have a very good reaction time so we slowed down a little, i was only looking at the road after like 130 so i wasn't expecting it when it kicked back down. i don't know for sure but i think it would have been up to like 140 cause the rev limiter hits at like 6 and a half

    it was super fun though, i guess i'll have to get another picture some other time with the tach right at redline

    oh yeah a wrx would be the shit though...

    i still love my car, so many good memories :hippie:

    (It gets stoned too! I swear!)
  9. hell yeah

    that must have been one hell of a high ride
  10. Geez! You people and SPEED! What is it with y'all? Some day I'm gonna' wind out my van (going downhill) and take a picture of it, show y'all my mighty 90 MPH.
  11. fastest i've ever driven was 120-130 in a big ass 4 door oldsmobile. My dad and i went on a road trip out to new mexico to visit relatives. Somewhere in texas around armarillo (sp?) and the New Mexico border line, i just put my foot down on a huge stretch of open desert road. My dad was just like, you late for something son? haha.. it was awesome. I coulda gone a lot fast i think, but the governer probably woulda kicked in pretty soon, especially considering it was a family type 4 door...

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