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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LoVeJAH, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. In italy we use different meths to get marijuana plants get bigger and more buds.
    Theres one meth that a friend of mine from Florence thought me and this is how you do it.
    When you see the first buds to come out, or even earlier, you get the tip of the plant and you pull it twords the ground, like trying to lay the hole plant down, and u hold it there with somekind of litle metal hook so the plant wont get up.U will see the leafs going all up searching for sun, and the buds will all stay on the bottom part, and also all the new litle seadling things will become buds.The plant its gonna grow like a bush and u could do that on both sides of the plant but u got to be carefull to don't brake it, i recomend doing it just on one side.
    And don't forget to don't give the plant water for a week before you harvest! The buds will get full of that sticky stuff!!!
    Dont wait too long theo u might lose your plant!
    To the next thread!!! Italian Greens!!
  2. there are other methods among the one you mentioned ...and people have been trying those for sometime .....which part of Italy are u from ?
  3. Well I'm From Rome, i just said one that most of the people don't know. In italy the outdoor planting is coming real good as we speak its 100 degreez there and the showerz are not so rare.
    If you know more pls tell me...I will be happy to listen(read).

  4. have u read Sid's grow guide ? If not take look there and there's a lot of information on this forum a search ....Here's the link to that grow guide

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