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Some Iranian landrace nugs.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by michael68, May 16, 2011.

  1. Fucking amazing smoke, they haven't even been cured yet really. Fresh from my cousin who is also a grower.

    Lemony citrus pheno, every time you break up a bud your fingers get covered in trichs. Can't wait till it cures.


  2. OMG Dank. Nom nom. I can smell the fruityness.
  3. so is this those old landrace sativas ive always herd about that have long flower periods and are super dank but also pretty rare to see and hard to grow indoors? if so then i aplaud you. hell either way that is some super dank bud congrats!
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    Tried to rep,
    that's absolutely beautiful.
    bet it doesn't produce many seeeds.
    : D
  5. These nugs are seedless, he does do some selective pollination though.

    And these are more indica leaning, some variation though. Not sure which specific region of Iran it's cultivated in, maybe the Caspian forests?

    edit: beans may be available soon and handed out to some selected growers who will take it seriously.
  6. looks gnarly :bongin:
  7. That bud looks amazing!
  8. God damnit i wish i could smoke. Buds are beautiful
  9. Looks dank as fuck, it's not the Iranian auto is it?
  10. nah dude, it's not an auto, im gonna talk to him about the exact source. haha still so blasted off this shit. just smoked another bowl to my dome. :smoke:
  11. guys hes doing seed runs and shit, pretty soon we will get this into the hands of dedicated breeders to hopefully make it available more widely. this should be shared to everyone. some good crosses can come from this. my cousin is planning a sweet tooth cross.
  12. MMMMMmmm looks tasty!!! How is that not cured? Looks perfectly cured to me!
  13. nah, just dried and into the jars for a day when the pic was taken. can't wait to taste the smoke and how it looks once cured. :smoke:
  14. I want some
  15. a landrace that even looks danker then most of the medical on here.....damn im jealous. if i knew anything about growing i would sooo be pestering you :)
  16. verrrrrr-eh nice

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