Some insight to what's been weighing on me.

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  1. Well, I'm not gonna make some BS up or inform you how I am a super saiyan, but I'm gonna let out some shit that's been building up on me.

    Okay. So it starts about two years ago, I was 16 and of course still living with my parents like I am now. There's an upstairs and there's a basement, and we have a garage attatched to the side of the house, where we park the '06 Mitsubishi Eclipse; my mom's car.

    Before I start this, know I was raised into an abusive family, my mom was beaten by my Bio-Father so much, so badly, he was addicted to the following: Benydrex (I dont know if I spelled that right; but he split it open for the shit inside.), Meth, Heroin, and coke. It was pretty bad, and he would knock me down and knock me out of my moms hands when I was a baby, knock my mom's teeth out, and he kicked her so much in the back with Steel-toe boots, that her spine broke. She is now walking with a limp and is prescribed Oxyconton, Xanax, and a shitload of other pills. I've had three babysitters, two of which have beat the living shit out of me everytime I went to their house. No charges were filed, I was too scared to speak.

    It's June 20th, two days after my birthday, I have just gotten my first drumset some Xbox games and some moolah and whatnot. I stayed up playing my drums and 'Skate.', and I finally decided to go to bed at about 1 o'clock. Fast forward a couple hours, to precisely 4:46 AM. I get woken up to screeching noises and beeping sounds and stuff exploding, and i'm coughing like mad hell from smoke, and i'm wondering, 'what the hell could this be??' and I go up the stairs, and my entire house is engulfed in flames. My mom is trying to wake my 18 yr old brother up who sleeps like a rock, which took about two minutes, of very valuable precious time, and by that time, the ceiling is caving in. My dog and stepdad are still sleeping somehow, and my stepdad finally gets up and they all rush out the house. I refuse to yet, because I had to search for my dog, because I love him to death and burning alive is one of the worst ways to die. Well I eventually find him, and I somehow manage to escape my burning house and I get outside with the rest of my family, just to watch the Eclipse in the garage explode, which sets off a chain reaction of explosions such as the Snowblower, Generator, and a couple of other things. It was very graphic but I don't feel like getting into it. My mom is bawling her eyes out, my dog is barking, all my neighbours are outside, and the rest of us are in just pure astonishment; the police/fire department has been called at this point. It's about 5 AM, give or take ten minutes, and the fire department which is NOT that far away, is still not here. We are still watching my house, all my belongings, everything I know, burn up. Fast forward FOURTY FIVE MINUTES, and the fire dept. gets here. It's far too late, obviously, and they put out the rest of the fire. I lost everything I knew, and had absolutely nothing.

    Fast forward, now, about a year. My house has now been rebuilt, and in the last year, my mom had become a spiraling vicodine drug addict, my brother moved out and got a place with his GF, my stepdad loses alot of work (he is a steelworker), and I become a stupid idiot that cannot stay off of Ecstacy to save his life, so I would say i'm sprialing aswell.

    Well, now go to present now, and everything is getting back on track, except awful financial issues and I have horrible anger issues relating to my past events, and alot of other issues, paranoia, insomnia, and just alot of other shit, I haven't had a conselor (IDK how to spell that.) so it's all really been weighing down on me, I skipped a bunch of shit but those are the main things.

    Thanks if you actually read all this, haha. :smoke::wave:

    I will post links to the newspaper that covered my house.
  2. Damn that's hard man..

    Please refrain from the e though it really does take a toll on you.

    Stay safe. :smoke:
  3. sorry about that dude. i wish you and the rest of your family luck in the future :D
  4. Thanks :) and don't worry, i've been away from it for awhile now
  5. Thanks. :)

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