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    I'm a classical pianist, improviser, and composer...

    here's one of my improvisations (9'), recorded on my baby grand bergmann piano #2.mp3

    No, I wasn't high when I played this, but I do have some recordings of me playing high :p...I'll post those later today..

    It starts out kind of atonal and dissonant, I do a lot of "sharp" stuff, then I go into polytonalism, and some more traditional harmony stuff at the end (plus, well, basically whatever I can think of while improvising, which over the course of many years is quite a lot :p)

    anyway, hope you enjoy (those few of you here who might be interested in classical :p)!
  2. very interesting! i've been known to listen to classical music at times, but mainly orchestral stuff and strings, but i can almost play all of moonlight sonata, 1st movt. But i liked what i heard, you're very talented!
  3. thanks for listening!

    I'm glad you liked it :)

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