Some idiot switched light onto constant 3 weeks into flower

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  1. Hi, I hope someone may be able to help me with this one.
    I switched my light onto 12/12 6 weeks ago and had to have some rewiring done 3 weeks ago. My buds looked a little stretched to say the least so I investigated and found out that the person who did the wiring has left the timer on constant 24/24 mode. The buds are looking sparse but there is some fair ones present. Plants should have 3 weeks til they are finished but now wondering if I should abandon them at this stage as I believe they will take another 2 weeks to revert back to flowering and I have no idea how long it will take to finish. Help please!! arghhhhhh

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    Put the girls in the dark for the next two weeks then chop. It will force the plant into protecting the flowers with increased resin development.
    you only had them in flower for 3 weeks...then back to veg...chop then down and make a camp fire...they are not flowering now, they are in veg mode, you could start the flowering cycle AGAIN and wait the full 8-12 weeks with proper light timing..the old buds can be snipped off to make room for the new real buds or do the camp fire thing...
  4. I had a small White Widow last year that I had pollinated and grew indoors, 12 weeks in flower, and then planted her outside in August. I then collected the seed and broke open the buds very gently, she was about 16 inches tall. That little sucker sprouted new growth and gave me triple the harvest I was expecting. If you want to devote the time, start over with the light cycle and watch to assure yourself they don't hermie.
  5. Thanks for all the help so far guys, I can't see any new veg growth and some of the lower buds look worth smoking. The tops can only be described as brussel sprout looking. Looks like I am going to flush them for two weeks and get what I get... Thanks again.

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