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Discussion in 'General' started by xer087, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. alright you guys i have a question ive smoked plenty o weed in my day but ive personally never done shrooms so i was wondering what is a good amount for an 1/8 i don wanna get skimped due to my inexpirience please help out however you can
  2. Do you mean $$$$ wise because its $40 a bag that weighs 3.5 just like weed. I love doing shrooms even though I haven't done them in a while. You'll have a great time just MAKE sure you do them in a good enviroment with good people. You don't want to do them with someone who migght freak-out. I usually do a quarter over a period of time.(like three and a half hours..) Have fun
  3. 1/8 isn't always $40, here it's usually $30-35. If it's your first time I recommend you take half of 1/8. Don't do it by yourself, find some experienced shroomers, and let them guide you. peace
  4. what!?

    you guys pay soooooo much. it grows outta the ground with no outside help....

    5$ a gram is the most ive ever payed.

    an eighth here is 15$, which gives you 3.5 gs.
  5. We pay about $10 a gram where I am. $35 an eighth.

    Damn dude! That's Canadian prices too, isn't it?
  6. ooo, it is too ;)

    go canada. its your birthday. raise the roof. etc.
  7. I've never heard of it being sold by the's usually just sold in 1/8 bags around here.
  8. yeah its 35 an eighth around here too. but we dont usually have shrooms thats why its so much. my friends gonna start growing them though and hes gonna hook me up for 15 an eighth cant wait till its done.
  9. Yea, gotta love the canadian shrooms. The least I ever grab is a 1/4, usually goes for around 30-40 bucks.
  10. Well you can't get around it up here in alaska- $40 or no eighth.. But it's always worth it. every time.....
  11. im geting an eighth for 20 on wendsday

  12. not everyone just picks some cubensis and sells them, most people i know grow them in incubators and shit, but they are top notch. the only connect that i know first hand hooks up 3.5 for 30$, used to be 20$, but he raised the rates like an asshole

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