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Some Help With Pipes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bob Santana, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. i have been looking around the GC shop at cheap pipes to use instead of my homemade pieces that may be a little sketchy on the health department lol.

    anyways i was looking at glass ofcourse but i am extremly limited by budget and i can't really spend over $20 after shipping and all.

    i was checking out the metal pipes because they seems to me very cheap but was wondering what you guys thought and if you had any suggestions.

    also, GC sells anodized pipes which are cheap but i have heard that these are bad because of zinc or something.

    anyways if you could just drop a few suggestions that would be cool.
  2. definently go with glass. metal pipes are good if you have butterfingers.
  3. well i dont have butterfingers thats for sure
  4. Go for the glass piece like you intended. There's lots of other big name competing online head shops that have what you need for your budget. I would check around (Google).
  5. My glass spoons are some of the best investments ive ever made. However, if you need to stealth smoke, when i was younger i used a metal pipe witch could detach its bowl, stem and mouth piece. And that served me very well, but i would still go with a glass. Can't beat glass broheim.
  6. yea i want to just buy the glass so i dont have to replace it in the longrun.

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