Some help with acid please.

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  1. I've tripped before quite a few times but me and my buddy both have 2 hits of acid each. We have from friday night till monday night as available tripping time, Our trips last from anywhere between 8 -20 odd hours as the acid we get is quite unpredictable in strength. Anyways if we tripped friday night and probs most of sat and then tripped again on sunday day with the same amount of acid would we be tolerant or would it be just the same, or would it just be best to do 2 hits at once? even though I'd rather have 2 hits.
    How much better is 2 hits than 1 hit? (Like visuals and shit).
    What is the tolerance of acid like?
  2. I've never done it but I heard acid has one of the fastest tolerance build ups. If you take the same amount of acid the next day it will be very disappointing. I'd suggest you take them both at once.
  3. Just take 'em both. Friends that have done it tell me 'cid tolerance builds up quick.
  4. take em both. 1 isnt worth taking when it comes to visuals (in my experience, but there are many factors), and plus after tripping on acid u probably wont want to do it for a long time.

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  6. Acid tolerance builds up VERY quick. Once you do it once, pretty much any amount worth taking, it stays in your system for 48 hours at least so that if you take it friday then again on saturday or sunday it probably wont have any noticable effects.

    This is just something i read on wikipedia or somewhere else some time ago so dont quote me on it.
  7. Thanks, that also explains why I wasn't getting as vivid a closed eye visuals as I'd liked.
  8. no prob. make sure you take a hit of weed about 30 minutes after you drop and the place should light up bro ;)

    im trippin myself this wednsday
  9. if your tripping for 20 hours, it's not lsd-25 but likely dob or one of the dox rc's. be careful with that shit man.
  10. Why what negatives come with those? and how is it different to LSD?
  11. Dont know the negatives but the trip is amazing because halfway through you get this feeling of complete mental clarity and it seems like everything makes sense. leaves me with a hangover/depression for the day after. but not bad at all.:smoking:
  12. Yeah I usually get depressed at the end of my DOB trips I did some research on DOB and it was definitely that I took coz it tasted so bitter.
    There are other fakes that you can't taste though, so is there any way of telling it is LSD?
  13. Actually, it seems like when i get really good acid it has the metallic/bloody taste. You just judge by the length of the trip. And also if you know what acids like.

  14. Anyway of telling beforehand? and how do you tell by the trip length?
  15. LSD is GENERALLY 8-12hrs and never exceeding 15 for me. Dob can last anywhere from 17-32
  16. Well I tripped for 33 hours on DOB and even then I'm amazed I got to sleep, would you say DOB is better than LSD?
  17. Tolerance to acid builds quickly, just take 2 at once. I didsaturday and it was AMAZING.
  18. yepp.
  19. The opposite for the group I tripped with. 4 of us did it 2 days ago, and are doing it again this weekend.
  20. Umm idk really. I really like DOB because midway through you get complete mental clarity but for me, nothing beats bomb lucy. It's hard to come by in most places but here on campus its boomin baby.
    So for me, LSD.:smoking:

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